Feb 25, 2008

Yes, former Idol Sanjaya hosted the TV show Idol Stars Where Are They Now, and I can absolutely hear Simon saying... Oh, Sanjaya, that was a bit dry if I can be perfectly honest with you. A boring host for a mediocre show. I watched Sanjaya last night, and I am positive that's what Simon Cowell would say if he had seen it. Sanjaya was dry, full of himself, and he really needs to eat some meat and potatoes. He looked unkempt and way too skinny. And, I really don't care about his crying fan... It wasn't the Sanjaya show! The entire show is based on previous Idol contestants and what they have been up to since they were on American Idol. I really looked forward to it, not because Sanjaya was the host, that actually turned me off, but I was hoping to see some of the great Idol contestants. Instead, we heard about Daughtry. Don't get me wrong, I love Daughtry, but if you have watched TV, listened to the radio, or read a magazine, you know where Chris Daughtry is and what he has been doing since AI! Jordin Sparks? Nope, know what she's been up to as well. The Superbowl is a bit big in the newsy arena. Heard enough of the talk about her lip syncing the National Anthem. And, her head is swollen enough without more attention. Haley Scarnato ended her relationship with her fiance, but who really cares. That's all she's done with her life? We also know what Kelly Clarkson has been up to, unless you live under a rock. It was cool to learn that Chris Sligh was asked to be Shrek on Broadway, but his schedule was conflicting. He so reminds me of someone... and Brandon Rogers, along with Ace Young, is going to appear on an upcoming episode of Bones on FOX. But, for the most part, Sanjaya hosting a television program is about as interesting as watching grass grow. The concept of the show is good, but last night's episode made me wanting less, not more.


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