Feb 24, 2008

There's a new show that premieres tonight and it is all about past contestants of American Idol and "where are they now." Believe it or not, it is going to be hosted by Sanjaya. If you don't remember Sanjaya, trust me, that is a good thing. The show airs tonight, on the TVGuide channel at 8pm EST. Read more here... I would have rather given you a link to the TV Guide Channel, but I can't get to it right now. Did they change their mind on the host? Or are all the Sanjaya fans hogging the bandwidth? When I heard about this show, I actually did start to wonder what happened to previous American Idol contestants. So, I started looking around. Some of what I found was not only amazing, but a little funny. Do you remember Mandisa? I so loved her! Even though she wasn't voted the American Idol, she's doing pretty good! Or, how about Bucky Covington? The other day, my youngest daughter was watching the country channel on TV. I walked through and said, wow, that guy has a great voice, but he looks like a hippy. Well, I just found out today that, that was Bucky! I loved him, too, even though I don't like country music. And of course, Daughtry.... Oh, Daughtry, what can I say? Just awesome! They might not have won, but they are all idols to me...


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