Feb 27, 2008

It's the American Idol top 10 guys performing songs from the seventies. I don't know what it is, but these guys seem like they're half asleep. I didn't really see much in the wow factor. A lot of poor song choices, and half dead performances. Michael Johns sang Go Your Own Way, and I thought he sucked. I don't know if he was in the wrong key or what, but I didn't like it. Randy and Paula liked it, but Simon said it was weak, and I totally agree. Jason Castro sang I Just Want To Be Your Everything, and I thought he sucked, too. Randy and Simon both said it wasn't that great, it was weak, and it sounded like karaoke. Of course Paula liked it. Luke Menard sang Killer Queen and I thought he did pretty good. Paula and Randy liked him. Simon said it was a poor song choice that verged on whiny. Robbie Carrico sang Hot Blooded which is one of my favorite songs. He did ok with it. Randy said it was just ok. Paula said he played it safe this week, and Simon also said the vocal was ok, but he shouldn't get so defensive when someone gives an opinion. Danny Noriega sang Superstar and I thought he killed it. He is more fun to watch after his performance. His attitude is a lot better than his singing ability. Randy said he thought too much during the performance, Paula needs an ear tune up because she liked it, and Simon said this week was better and that he looks good on camera. Chikezie Eze sang I Believe and it was ok. I thought he picked a great song, but bad wardrobe choice. All three judges thought it was a great performance. David Cook sang All Right Now and he did alright. Randy liked it, Paula called him the real deal, and Simon said it was a solid performance but he doesn't have any charisma. David Archuleta sang Imagine and I thought this was also just an ok performance. Randy said best vocals he ever heard on this show, Simon said it was a very risky song choice, but he pulled it off, and Paula? Well, she wants to squish David's head off and hang it on her rear view mirror. A little violent, eh? David Hernandez sang Papa Was A Rolling Stone and he didn't do too bad. Randy and Paula like it, and Simon thought it was the best vocal of the night. I wouldn't go that far, Simon. Jason Yeager sang Long Train Runnin' and I'm thinking this guy will be going home this week. Randy said it was pitchy and karaoke, Paula said it was the wrong song choice, and Simon said it was awkward and ordinary. Not much of a WOW night, so who do you think will be going home?

Who Is Leaving Us This Week?


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