Feb 28, 2008

The American Idol top 10 Girls Performances were on last night, and I have to say they were a lot better than the top 10 boys. Well, most of them anyway. According to Randy, Paula, and Simon though, it's safe to say I'm not in the music industry for a reason. Every time I thought someone had a great performance, the judges disagreed. Oh well, here's the Idol top 10 girls' in performance order: Carly Smithson said she works in an Irish Bar. She sang Crazy On You and I thought she did great. The judges agreed, but Randy said the beginning was rough. Syesha Mercado does an awesome baby cry!!! She sang Me and "Mr" Jones and I thought she did excellent. However all 3 judges said it was a poor song choice. Brooke White went to beauty school; big deal. She sang You're So Vain, and although I thought that song "fit" her, I hated the whole performance. All 3 judges, however, loved it and said it was the perfect song choice. Ramiele Malubay used to hula dance. She sang, Don't Leave Me This Way, and I thought she did a pretty good job. Randy and Simon said it was a poor song choice, Paula said she had amazing vocals, just not for this song. Kristy Lee Cook is a tom boy. She sang You're No Good and even though Kristy rubs me the wrong way, I have to admit I liked this performance. Finally, Randy, Simon, and Paula agreed with me. :) Amanda Overmyer likes to read... boring! She sang Carry On My Wayward Son, and I hated everything about that performance. Finally the judges had something bad to say, well wrong song choice anyway, so hopefully she'll be booted tonight. Alaina Whitaker doesn't like food touching on her plate. OCD much? She sang Hopelessly Devoted To You, and I thought she did a very good job. Randy said poor song choice, Paula said she did a good job, Simon said it was old fashioned and he liked her before. Alexandrea Lushington was a poster child for the fire department when she was younger. She sang If You Leave Me Now and didn't do too bad. Randy said the song was too safe. Paula said she still liked it, but Simon said he is struggling right now. That wasn't the right song for her, but he didn't know where she fit in. Kady Malloy can sing opera. She sang Magic Man and I thought it was a fun performance. All 3 judges, however did not like the performance at all. I hope she doesn't go home, I like her. Asia'h Epperson was a cheerleader. She sang All By Myself and I thought she did great. Randy and Paula thought so, too, but Simon said wrong song choice and she couldn't pull that one off. Well, there's the American Idol top 10 girls performances in a nutshell. Which ones are going home tonight? Vote Now!

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