Feb 29, 2008

The American Idol results show is either rigged, or only the Idol challenged voters are allowed. Seriously, I am beginning to wonder who really decides which Idol hopeful stays and which one goes. If it is rigged, then surely they're not dense enough to boot one who is clearly better than another. That would obviously be a red flag to the intelligent viewers. I don't necessarily mean the better singer, I mean better as in not as irritating as another. Anyway, the 2 guys on their way home are Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico. I had a feeling Jason would be leaving, but I thought Luke would have been sent home before Robbie. The 2 girls on their way home are Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker. This is where the show is either rigged or they only let the Idol challenged voters count. Please tell me how Amanda Overmyer made it through over either one of these girls? Randy said it would not have been his choice to see Alexandrea go, and the shocked faces when Alaina was cut said more than words could ever say. The only thing that would shock me more than last nights results show, would be if either Amanda or David Archuleta becomes our next American Idol. I hear the rumors that David is the favorite, but come on, how much longer can you listen to that breathing when he is singing? It sounds more like gasping. Well, another results show week down; another ticked off mood. Not sure why I continue to watch this show, but it's like a train wreck. Ya just can't look away. So, next week we get to watch the top 16 perform, and then watch another rigged or Idol challenged results show to find out who our top 12 will be.


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