Feb 21, 2008

Well, American Idol's top 12 women performed last night... badly. Again, not all of the women were bad, but the majority was. I found myself lapsing into dreamland during most of the women's performances. At one point, I was even arguing with myself if Simon's teeth are actually real or not. Have you noticed how perfect they are? Anyway, nothing stood out for me last night as Wow. I did, however, get sick of all the whining of how sick some of them were. Give me a break! Asia'h Epperson loses her dad 2 days before her audition and still belted out a great song? And Simon said she was the best of the night so far. If I had to pick two that really stood out for me, it would be Kady Malloy, although the judges didn't like her performance, and Ramiele Malubay. But, the big question is, which two of the American Idol's top 12 women will be eliminated tonight? You can go HERE to brush up on the women if needed, otherwise, just make your choices below:

Which 2 Top 12 Women will be eliminated?


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