Feb 20, 2008

American Idol 1960's theme week begins with the top 12 men. I don't know what was more interesting, watching the American Idol judges bicker, or watching the American Idol's top 12 men bomb. They didn't all bomb, but there weren't many who blew me away. Michael Johns and David Archuletta seem to be the favorites at the moment, but it's still early. Then there's Jason Yeager who the judges said had pitch problems and sounded like a cruise ship singer, and little Danny Noriega whose performance was rated by Simon saying it was on the verge of grotesque. So, the big question... which of the American Idol's top 12 men will be eliminated on Thursday? If you need a reminder of the top 12 men, you can go HERE. Or, just make your choices below:

Which 2 of the Top 12 Men will be eliminated?


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