Jan 23, 2008

I really wasn't too impressed with American Idol last night as far as the singing goes. At least there were some more crazy and funny auditions to make up for the lack of talent. Don't get me wrong, some were ok, but nothing outstanding. Some of the ones who received the famous American Idol golden ticket to Hollywood are: Michael Johns, the 28 year old originally from Australia, sang I've Been Loving You Too Long. I liked Michael, but it sounded like he was straining to sing. Carly Smithson, who you may remember from Season 5 under the name Carly Hennessy, sang I'm Every Woman. She received her ticket to Hollywood in Season 5, but she was disqualified because her paperwork didn't come through for her Visa. Simon said she's not as good as she was 2 years ago, and I agree. Samantha Musa sang Until You Come Back To Me. Her and her sister love Simon Cowell. Her sister was allowed to sit in on the audition, and she actually sat in Simon's chair with him. David Archuleta is the 16 year old who had vocal paralysis a few years ago, but that's all behind him now. He sang Waiting On The World To Change, and although he stumbled a little bit, he actually a pretty good singer. Tetiana Ostapowych sang Someone To Watch Over Me. Simon told her she isn't as good as she thinks she is, and I totally agree. Perrie Cataldo is a single dad to a 4 year old boy who is adorable! He sang I'll Make Love To You, and he was very good. 31 people had the golden ticket by the end of day 2. The remaining American Idol hopefuls are on their way back home. Some of them made us cringe, and some made us laugh out loud. Valerie Reyes is on her way home after singing Against All Odds. She absolutely loves Mariah Carey. Simon Cowell compared her singing to a Mariah Carey CD left out in the sun for a year. Blake Boshnack is also on his way back home after this, his 11th audition. You might remember him from season 5 when he dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. He sang Stand By Me, and even his obssessed mom cannot make him an American Idol. Alberto Hurtado I think was the strangest one to audition last night. I don't know what is more strange about him. His fingers, his spinning doll, or the way he plays with his hair. He sang his own song called Live, and Simon thought it was very depressing. That about wraps up another episode of American Idol, so be sure to watch tonight's episode. And, was it me or was Paula a bit hard to understand last night?


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