Jan 24, 2008

Wow! American Idol didn't give us much to see in Charleston, South Carolina, did they? Out of the 23 chosen contestants during the 2 days of auditions, there wasn't much talent that actually got on the air. A few received the famous American Idol golden ticket to Hollywood like: Jeffrey and Michelle Lampkin, the brother and sister who sang I Am Your Angel were hilarious! I absolutely loved Jeffrey! They both made it through to Hollywood, although Randy said no to Michelle and yes to Jeffrey. Amy Flynn also received her golden ticket singing Reflections. She is 16 years old, captain of her dance team, and she also preaches about abstinence. Simon told her everyone will find her annoying, but he put her through anyway. London Weidberg is the 24 year old who put her life on hold to take care of her dad. He died 3 years ago from cancer, so she is now pursuing her dream. She sang Good Morning Heartache, and Simon said she was good, not great. I really wasn't impressed with anyone moving on to Hollywood, and some of the ones who were turned down could have easily made it through based on those who made it so far. Some of those not moving on are: Oliver Highman whose wife went into labor postponing his audition was a likable sort. I think he's crazy for traveling with his wife who was that pregnant, but Emma Grace is beautiful. Lyndsey Goodman is an Air Force Pilot who flies C-17's. She sang Black Velvet, and although she didn't make it through, I liked her, and I thought she could sing. Not perfect, but better than a lot who made it through. I think American Idol made a big mistake with this decision. What do you think? Joshua Boson is the one who said American Idol is fake and rigged. He is the loser of the evening, with his lack of talent, and his very long rant. American Idol lives on next week in Omaha, Nebraska. Does anyone have a favorite yet? Favorite singer? Favorite personality? Favorite moron? I think there's a few fitting that last category.


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