Jan 17, 2008

Day 2 of American Idol kicked off in Dallas, Texas, and after Tuesday's premiere, I was actually looking forward to Wednesday night. By the end of the day, 24 contestants had their golden ticket to Hollywood. So, what happened? Well... Antoria Gillon went into labor while waiting for her audition, and instead of heading to the hospital, she headed in to sing for the judges. Yup, she sang through her contractions before going to the hospital, where she delivered her son. Jamil Labarron Idol McCowan, will have a lot to talk about in his life. I also read that Antoria will be coming back for the next round. Jessica Brown is an ex-meth user. She has 2 little girls now, and is doing great. She sang I'll Stand By You, and she did pretty good. She is going to Hollywood. Alaina Whitaker sang Stronger by Faith Hill. She received her golden ticket, but I didn't think she really stood out as being unique. Pia Easley sang Use My Imagination. I disagreed with the judges on this one. I did not think she should have made it on to Hollywood. Brandon Green has a strange collection. He collects his peeled fingernails. He keeps them in a plastic bag, and I must say, that was just a bit gross! He sang Rich Girl and made it through to the next round. Kayla Hatfield was in a very bad car accident when she was 18 years old. She is a very happy, thankful person, but I did not think she was good enough to be put through. Simon and Randy did. She sang Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin. Kady Malloy did a Britney impression that sounded better than Britney! Simon stopped her when she started a Carrie Underwood song and told her they wanted to hear her, not more impressions. She was good, and she's off to Hollywood. Kyle Ensley, the Oklahoma Governor wannabe, sang Somebody To Love by Queen. I cannot believe Simon says yes to Hollywood. Randy said no, which I totally agree with, so it was up to Paula. Well, Kyle got his golden ticket. Colton Swan also made it through choosing the song Boondocks for his audition. I was surprised he made it, actually. Drew Poppelreiter was the cute farm boy who sang Check Yes Or No by George Strait. I agreed with Simon for saying no, but Paula and Randy sent him on through to the next round. Nina Shaw comes from the same hometown as Kelly Clarkson, but does that mean she can sing? I didn't think so, but Randy and Paula sent her through. We all have our opinion on who should or shouldn't have made it through, just as Simon, Randy, and Paula did. And although I agreed with some of the above opinions, I totally agreed with the ones below who didn't make it. Paul Stafford does park maintenance and he is a big sweetheart! He sang I'll Wait For You, and although he didn't make it through, Simon was very nice to him, and that was awesome. Bruce Dickson has never kissed a girl in all his 19 years, and sang Ain't No Sunshine. He didn't make it through, although he did sing better than some of them who did in my opinion! Douglas Davidson's family did not know he was at the American Idol auditions. He said whenever his dad heard him sing, he would tell him he hates him... for real. Which is very sad. He sang Livin' On A Prayer, and although he had a sad story, he was a bit creepy. He wouldn't stop singing when he was told to! Then he kept walking around "warming up" before he came back and sang again. Needless to say, he was escorted out. Angela Reilly sang Baby Love, and although her model husband Chad loved it, the judges, nor I did. Renaldo Lapuz was a bit, ummm... stylish in his costume, and he was a nice guy, but not American Idol material. He sang Brothers Forever, and it was a fun audition! At the end, Randy and Ryan were singing with him, Paula was dancing, and Simon was laughing. Before he left Simon gave him a hug. I feel another William Hung in the making! Ok, let's hear it. What did you think of American Idol day 2? Next week, we go to San Diego, CA.


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