Jan 16, 2008

Did you catch the 2 hour premiere of American Idol Season 7 last night? I did, and I guess I was a little more than surprised.

They started the auditions in Philadelphia, PA, and although some parts of American Idol were the same, other parts were different. The first thing I noticed was they really went in depth with the backgrounds of some of the contestants. The second thing I noticed was, Simon Cowell was actually a bit civil! Then again, Paula Abdul was tripping all over her words, and Randy Jackson still likes the word Dawg.

By the end of Day 2, 29 lucky contestants had their yellow ticket to Hollywood, while the remaining thousands went grumbling home.

Joey Catalano was a likeable sort. He was the one who lost 204 pounds and he is going to Hollywood.

Melanie Nyema, who sang backup for Taylor Hicks is also going on to Hollywood, although I didn't think she was great.

Junot Joyner, also going to Hollywood, sang The Blues by Elton John. I thought he was pretty good, actually.

Angela Martin has a child with Retts Syndrome, and also an awesome voice! She sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and really belted it out. Obviously she is going to Hollywood!

Christie Lee Cook, another one headed for Hollywood, sold her barrel horse to make it to the auditions. She does kick boxing and cage fights, and sang Amazing Grace. She has a great voice, also.

Brooke White is a nanny for twin girls, and she has never seen an R rated movie. She sang Like A Star, and she was pretty good.

Chris Watson says he wants to be a legend. He sang Follow Me, and he has some talent. He just might become that legend.

These are just a few of the contestants headed for Hollywood. Those who didn't make it, either accepted it with grace, or flat out made a fool of themselves. There were some I thought should have made it through, as I felt they were just as good as the ones who did.

A couple of very bizarre contestants got more than their 15 minutes of fame. Of course, there are going to be those looking to get on camera whether they are talented or not.

Benjamin tops the list. What on Earth was he thinking with that costume? Ewww! Then he went and got his chest hair waxed... for nothing!

Paul the one who wrote a song for Paula Abdul. He was more than creepy, he was scary and disturbing. Thankfully Simon Cowell, had him escorted out.

Alexis, the shall I say colorful one. I really didn't understand her rant. Honestly, Simon wasn't even close to his degrading self, and she went off on him like there was no tomorrow. She is a talented painter, but that's as far as it goes with this one.

One of the saddest parts of the American Idol Season 7 Premiere was that of an awesome 16 year old.

Temptress Brown, a very sweet and polite girl. Granted, it was the right decision to not put her through to Hollywood, but it was sad. Simon Cowell was actually very sweet to her which was awesome. Then Paula and Randy gave her a group hug, followed by all 3 judges walking her out because she didn't want to face her family.

Well, those are my thoughts on the American Idol Season 7 Premiere, what are yours? Anything stand out? Do we already have our next American Idol? Be sure to watch tonight's auditions from Dallas, TX.


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