May 15, 2013

Idols Candice and Kree

It's the American Idol Finale!!!  Who are you rooting for?  Who will be our next American Idol?  Vote in the polls below!

Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison
22 yrs old, From Nashville, TN
She calls her fans Kreepers.
at&t Text 5701
Online at
American Idol App

Kree is up first performing Angel.  It's starting off rough...  Sounds like she's really struggling to hit those notes.  Cannot hit that high note at all.  All in all a pretty mediocre performance.  Download on iTunes

No judging tonight


Kree will perform All Cried Out her single if she wins the American Idol crown.  Very nice song!  Mmm, not hitting those high notes again.  What is going on, Kree? 


Kree will sing Up To The MountainBoy, 3 very slow and boring songs tonight.  I realize 2 of the songs were "out of her control" but she chose this one.  Very soulful and she did a great job.  Standing O from 3 Idol judges! - Download on iTunes

Candice Glover
Candice Glover
23 years old, From St. Helena Island, SC
She calls her fans Candi Canes.
at&t Text 5702
Online at
American Idol App

Candice will perform Chasing Pavements.  I'm not familiar with any of these songs.  She's on key and hitting all the notes.  Beautiful performance.  Download on iTunes

Round 1 goes to Candice according to the American Idol Judges.


Candice will perform I Am Beautiful, her single if she wins American Idol.  Oooo, I like this song, too!  Giving me goosebumps!!!  Standing O from everyone!  Idol judges included!

Round 2 also goes to Candice.


Candice will sing I (Who Have Nothing).   She's all in black, sitting on a stool with smoke around her, singing A Capella.   Just beautiful.  The band begins and she takes off!!!  Wow!!!  More goosebumps!!!  Bows and Standing O from everyone including the Idol judges!! Download on iTunes

Wow!  What crazy performances from Candice tonight!  What do you think?  Who will win the American Idol crown?


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