May 16, 2013

American Idol Finale Candice and Kree

It's all come down to this!  The American Idol Finale, and I'm so excited!!

Our Idol top 10 starts the show with Done, and they are fantastic!

The Band Perry is bringing the energy!  And our own American Idol Janelle joins them!!  Awesome performance!!!  Complete with fire!

This is hilarious!  The guys are saying they were sabotaged by the girls, and we're watching just "how" the girls sabotaged them.  hahahhaha   Janelle changed the notes on Lazaro's music sheet.  Candice stole Burnell's lunch money so he was hungry.  LOL

The top 5 guys are singing and with the dance moves, they remind me of the Jackson 5.  LOL

And Frankie Valli comes out singing!!  Whoo Hoooo!!!!!   WOW!!!

Mariah Carey is in white singing a few tunes.  The only one I recognize is Hero.  She prerecorded this last night.

Amber Holcomb is performing Next To MeEmeli Sande joins her on stage!!!  Although Amber doesn't look like she cares too much.  I wonder if the rumor is true that she's upset she didn't get a "bigger" name star.

Psy is performing Gentleman.  Of course he's doing his dance.  LOL

Keith Urban and his band takes the stage.  Man, it's a Country night!  He's so cute.  lol

Candice takes the stage singing InseparableJennifer Hudson joins her!!  The Idol judges are getting right into this!  These 2 sound great together!!

Angie takes the stage.  Back at the piano.  And lookie there!  Adam Lambert joins her!  Singing Titanium and they sound fantastic together!

Next up is Angie's Idol!  Jessie J!!!  Jessie J just told Angie she will fly her to the UK and they will sing Angie's single together on stage!!!

Kree is singing Keith Urban's song Where The Blacktop Ends.  And Randy is playing bass!  Travis Barker, Blink 182 is on the drums! 

We take a moment to say goodbye to Randy Jackson.  We go to the Dawg Headquarters, where 6 dogs are sitting around a conference table honoring Randy.  lol  We see some old clips of Randy while You Had A Bad Day plays in the background.

Ryan tells him the door is always open at American Idol.  Awww

Aretha Franklin is on the big screen video calling in from New York.  And the top 5 girls will be singing with her.  This is so cool!!!   What a legend.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull!!!  Love these 2, but that was a crazy song!  It's called Live It Up.

American Idol Season 12 Winner!

Candice Glover!

Congrats, Candice!!


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