May 9, 2012

Well, it's another American Idol recap, but does it matter?.  I've read countless blogs/articles of why American Idol got stale.

The articles range from the voting being rigged to it's a popularity contest.  I agree with both, and even though I'm a die hard American Idol fan, I'm beginning to yawn.

My "yawning" started when Taylor Hicks won.  Don't get me wrong, loved him, but he should have never won.

Well, let's get to tonight's show!!

California Dreamin' and the songs that inspired the American Idol top 4.

Phillip Phillips is up singing Have You Ever Seen The Rain? which is good, unless he opts to hit the high notes.  Karaoke at best.  But he's in the sweet spot, so he's good.

Randy - started out rough, but your whole vibe was on the money.
Jennifer - you have that Joe Cocker sound I've never heard before.
Steven - you're living proof that the road to success is always under construction.

Hollie Cavanaugh is up with  Faithfully. She's over thinking this. But if she could just relax, she's got this.  Now she relaxed.  Great job, Hollie!!!  Course Randy, being a former Journey member, will have "something" to say.

Randy - peeking at the right time of the competition.  Name dropped again, but he's at least honest in his critique.
Jennifer - got me a bit emotional.  It's just a beautiful thing.
Steven - I've watched you blossom.  You make it bloom every night.  Choice of song tonight was beautiful!

Wow, was that Chris Brown?  Why would American Idol even have a woman beater on the show?  Maybe that wasn't him.  Hopefully.

Joshua Ledet performs You Raise Me Up which will keep him in this competition. Even though it's slow and boring.

Randy - You show us what you have.
Jennifer -  OMG, I think the whole world knows what I think of Joshua.
Steven - I'm really glad you got on that plane.  You sang your tush off.

Jessica Sanchez is up with Steal Away and you watch the American Idol judges diss her for this.  It's too old or too predictable.  This girl can sing!!!

Randy -  I love the whole vibe of that.  Singing Etta James at 16.
Jennifer - how old are you?  Wow, J'Lo.  Crazy.
Steven -  I loved it.  You nailed that.

Phillip and Joshua singing my favorite song!!  This Love.  Nigel took credit, course Nigel also takes credit for American Idol not getting stale.  All the teeny weenies went nuts when Phillip sang.

Jessica and Hollie are up and they sound fantastic!!!  Love it!!!  Randy is being an ass!  Now you want to believe this show is rigged?

Ryan is asking Julienne, his "girlfriend" if she could give a note to Tom Cruise!  Wow!!!

Phillip Phillips is up singing What Am I To You? and it's ridiculous. This is where the judges will should tell him he is going to be in the bottom 3 because no one knows that song.

Randy - this is what's its all about?  Well, that made no sense.
Jennifer - loved it.
Steven - has no say in the matter.

Hollie Cavanaugh is up singing I Can't Make You Love Me.
Randy - wow, wrong choice, wrong moments. 
Jennifer - agrees
Steven - It's unanimous, the judges are sending Hollie home.

Joshua Ledet wishes he could record a James Brown song.  This Is A Man's World, he's good, not great, but they want Joshua to win.

Randy - we got something from this... Dude we got religion. 
Jennifer - People at home thought we've seen everything?
Steven - neither man or woman have ever sang that song so good.

Jessica Sanchez is up singing I'm Not Living Without You.  She is the underdog peeps.  Well, she just got a standing O!  Didn't see that coming!!

Randy - You guys are really in it to win it. 
Jennifer - it seems like it's going to be a race to the finish.
Steven - Another winning performance.  Tell me how you really feel!

Well, the American Idol Judges did their best to sway the votes.  lol

But it's "up to us" now...  Which American Idol wannabe should leave?

See you tomorrow night for the results!

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