May 4, 2012

American Idol chose Lady Gaga to mentor the 4 remaining American Idol wannabes, and I've always loved her music.

But I must say I lost a little bit of respect for Lady Gaga after reading what she had to say on Arizona's law about illegals.  I won't get into politics here, you can read it for yourself online.

Anyway, American Idol thought it would be a good idea to have Lady Gaga mentor our top 4.  So, here we go!

2 rounds of singing again tonight.  One a song that means a lot to the American Idol wannabes and the other from Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller?  lol

James Durbin starts us off with a song that I love, Don't Stop Believing, by Journey.  He's singing it okay, but he's not bringing anything special to the performance.

Randy gave props to Journey; pulled off the highest degree of difficulty?
Jennifer great to listen to him; pulled it out.
Steven said he did it right; nice going.

Haley chose Earth Song by Michael Jackson.  She always sounds like she's out of breath.  She did okay, but again, she brought nothing to the performance other than her growling and screaming she learned from Casey.  lol

Randy confused as to who she wants to be as an artist; screaming.
Jennifer loved the song choice; didn't get everybody on their feet.
Steven says don't listen; Steven!  Really?????

And of course, Haley can't take constructive criticism.  Pout and argue.  Gawd!

Scotty will perform Where Were You and he's doing it justice.  Again, nothing special for being down to the wire.

Randy great, amazing song; perfect song choice for him. Ready for super stardom.
Jennifer knows who he is; touches people.
Steven it was beautiful.  Of course, Steven.

Lauren will sing Anyway and again, it's just a performance.  At least she's putting a little more effort into the performance.

Randy that was hot; Lauren is back in it to win it!
Jennifer very proud of you; you are really listening to us. (ha, a Haley dig!)
Steven you did it again; you broke my heart.

American Idol Round 2!

Haley will try I Who Have Nothing which I never heard of.  She thinks her and Gaga have a connection.  Lady Gaga, get the cotton out of your ears, girl.  Screaming again, but Randy will cave to all the boo's he got.

Randy everybody needs a moment here; you got mad and you just had a moment.
Jennifer will never take it easy on you; look what you're capable of.
Steven knocked yourself into the middle of next week; beautiful. Of course.

Scotty chose Young Blood and this should be a fun song for him!  He's got a great voice and he knows how to connect with the audience!

Randy asks if he was having a good time. Just saw both sides of a Scotty concert!
Jennifer hit your stride; keep sprinting for that finish line.
Steven liked it, loved the humor.

Lauren takes on Elvis with Trouble and I hope she nails it!  Wow, she's starting off strong!!!  Love it!!!

Randy saw a fun side of her; really enjoyed the performance.
Jennifer saw a performance quality in her that was really, really, good!
Steven well done; love you

James will sing Love Potion Number 9!  A little fast but okay.  Same ole James, but at least he can perform.   hahha

Randy doesn't matter what song, you're having a moment every single week.
Jennifer that showed me you can sing anything.
Steven beautiful thing, man.

Well, there it is.  I think all the American Idol wannabes did a good/great job.  But I'm getting sick of Haley not being able to take constructive critisism.

If she thinks she knows better than Randy Jackson or Jennifer Lopez, then let her go do what she needs to do.

What do you think?  Who nailed it?  Which American Idol contestant should go?  Vote now! 

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