Apr 26, 2012

It's another American Idol episode.  Who will win?

Queen is one of my all time favorite bands.  I miss them, but I am SO glad their music lives on.  And American Idol is doing everything to keep Queen alive!!!  Course, most people will disagree, saying American Idol has over-used the Queen card.

Jessica Sanchez  is up first with Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought she might be in trouble with that big song, but she pulled it off.

Randy - she sang no runs in that.  Thought it was great.
Jennifer - vocal was beautiful, but would like more of a performance.
Steven -  rock isn't your forte, but Queen would be proud.

Skylar Laine is up with The Show Must Go On. I wasn't impressed, but the judges were.  Course, Country is her forte, not rock.  So for that, she did great!

Randy - that was incredible.  That was one of your best performances.
Jennifer - got goosies!
Steven - it was fabulous.

Joshua Ledet is up with Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  He did good!  Not great like the judges made it out to be, but Joshua is their favorite.

Randy - you knocked it out!
Jennifer -  you know I love you!
Steven - you did it!

Elise Testone chose I Want It All, not a well known song. Let's see how she does.  Not going to lie, Elise is not my favorite, but she did great with this song. 

Randy - wow what a night so far.  That was unbelievable.
Jennifer - that was you in your element.
Steven - you found your stride.  I really enjoyed that.

Phillip Phillips is up with Fat Bottomed Girls and I don't see a wow factor here.  He's a great singer, don't get me wrong, but I don't see him taking home the American Idol crown.

Randy -  it was good, but it wasn't oh, oh, good.
Jennifer - likes how he gives a different flavor every week.  hmmm
Steven - I like how you get out of breath; it shows character.  Huh?

Hollie Cavanaugh is up and it's beautiful! Save Me is her song choice, but I'm sure the judges won't think so.

Randy - said it was good, but she needs to not hold back.
Jennifer - a lot of double talking. Said she felt her get emotional.
Steven - said you did a good job, but then passed the buck onto Jennifer.

Jessica Sanchez sings her favorite song, Dance With My Father and of course she delivers.  It does seem that she's distracted.  Could be because her dad just deployed.  I know that feeling, my daughter deployed last month.  :(

Randy - is amazed at her talent along with the rest of the Idol wannabes.
Jennifer - best performance of that song ever.
Steven - it's an honor to watch you unfold your wings week after week.

Skylar Laine chose Tattoos On This Town. I don't know this song, but it doesn't matter, Skylar is fantastic! 

Randy - huge fan; loves her range and everything about this performance.
Jennifer - you are so comfortable up there, you took us there again!
Steven - thought it was great, but he missed the flair she usually puts into her performances.

Joshua Ledet is singing Ready For Love and I really don't know this song, either. lol  Slow and boring, but at least he's not screaming!

Randy - that was an unbelievable performance!
Jennifer - transcendent.  hmmm?
Steven - goes off into another place when Joshua is singing.  I could say something about that, Steven.  hahahha

Elise Testone chose Bold As Love and I'm sure she'll be growling.  Reminds me of Casey Abrams.  Anyway, not sure if this performance will win many votes.  Just very bland.

Randy - it was the wrong song choice for this point in the competition.
Jennifer - agrees, but said she slayed the song so it doesn't matter.
Steven - loves the Janis Joplin in her, but she needs to pick more popular songs.

Phillip Phillips is performing The Stone.  I know everyone is crazy for Phillip, but he's getting stale.  Yes, he sings great, but there's no performance factor anywhere in him.

Randy - disagrees with Jennifer.  Said he showed his true colors.
Jennifer - too obscure and artsy.  huh?
Steven - very entertaining and off the wall.  You found your niche.

Hollie Cavanaugh chose The Climb and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I LOVE this song!! lol  Of course she does fantastic, but I'm afraid she just doesn't have the fan base that other Idol wannabes have.

Randy - perfect song choice.  Beautiful!
Jennifer - great that she stepped up.  Good job!
Steven - good for you, that was great!

Ok, that about wraps it up.  Which Idol wannabe got your vote?  Any predictions?

We'll find out on the American Idol Results Show!  See ya!


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