Mar 21, 2012

The top 10 American Idol wannabes perform Billy Joel songs tonight.

We start the show with tears.  Saying goodbye to Shannon.  Deandre is taking it pretty hard.

How can Ryan Seacrest walk down all those steps without holding on and without looking down?

Diddy is in the house!!  Whoop, whoop!!

Deandre Brackensick - starts the show with Only The Good Die Young!  He is rockin' this song!!!  Go Deandre!!!  He is quite the performer!

Randy - echo's Jennifer.  Nothing special, but did a good job.
Jennifer - great way to start the show!
Steven - first thought it was too happy, but that's what we need!

Erika VanPelt - next with New York State Of Mind. Diddy told her to take some risk and Tommy told her to cut her hair!  Wow!!!  Short black hair!  Doing the song some justice, too.

Randy - loved the new do!  Loved the vocals, too. Very nice!
Jennifer - agrees with Randy.  Beautiful vocals.
Steven - beautiful, beautiful!!

Joshua Ledet - chose She's Got A Way and he's holding his own. Nothing fancy, but it's ok.

Randy - he agrees with a little on both what J'Lo and Steven said.
Jennifer -  didn't feel him connecting to the lyrics.
Steven -  didn't know that song, but you made it come to life.

Skylar Laine - performs Shameless and Diddy stops her in practice because it felt forced.  Now advice from Tommy about the clothes and boots.  Hmmm, I love her voice!!!  Starts out sitting down with a few kids around clapping.  Different.  lol  Goosebumps!  Go Skylar!!!

Randy - thought the key was low, but by the middle, you hit it.  Not best, but pretty good.
Jennifer -  you just go with every song and eat it up.
Steven -  amazed that you sing those chords with such conviction.

Elise Testone - next with Vienna. Never heard of it.  Tommy's going to hook her up with some bell bottoms.  Well, she didn't listen to Tommy.  Oh, oh.  She's pretty gravely, but maybe that's the song?  Screaming, too.  Standing O from the judges.

Randy -  you've taken these songs and made it your own.
Jennifer -  so happy for you, I want to shake you.  lol
Steven -  melody was so fantastic.  Brilliant.

Phillip Phillips - takes on Movin' Out . I don't get the huge attraction here.  Yeah, he can sing, but I haven't been wowed by him yet.  Maybe tonight?

hahahahha, Tommy told him he needs some help!  LOL  Diddy wants to hear him without the guitar.  He didn't listen either, he's got his guitar.  Sheesh!  So far I'm not impressed.  I do like the ending though, he's starting to get into it.

Randy - didn't listen to mentors at all, didn't have to, best rendition of that song I've ever heard.  Brilliant!
Jennifer -  felt like he was taking out some aggression.  lol
Steven - you took that song and Phillip Phillips'ed it!  hahahha

Hollie Cavanaugh - chose Honesty. I absolutely love her voice!  She wanted a glittery dress, but she's in a cute pantsuit.  Bang that song out, girl!  Loved it!

Randy - can be that great, but you have to nail every notes.  Pitchy.
Jennifer - takes on the big songs, but you have to know every single note of the song.  Beautiful sounding voice, but got to nail those notes.
Steven - one of our grand singers.  Tonight was a little pitchy.

Heejun Han - next with My Life. Diddy asked Jimmy if Heejun was really Asian?  hahahha  He thinks Heejun is an actor and was playing him.  lol

He came out in a suit, started to sing, stopped like he forgot the words, turned to the piano guy and told him it was too slow.  Then he ripped off his suite for some colorful clothes!  LOL  He may not have the best voice, but he sure is fun!!!

Randy -  last week was a little rough, but you had fun and were entertaining!
Jennifer - loved that you brought a lot of fun! 
Steven - are you happy you took the piss out of that song?  LOL

Jessica Sanchez - performs Everybody Has A Dream.  Diddy stopped her and said he didn't believe her/what she was singing.  Love her voice, too!  I could see her, Hollie, and Skylar at the top.  Slow song, but vocals are awesome!

Randy - you have a moment every time you step on stage.  Perfection!
Jennifer - this was a defining moment for you!!!
Steven - at the front of the line when God was giving out vocal chords.  lol

Colton Dixon - ends the show with Piano Man. Love this song!!!  Playing a beautiful red piano with a million candles around him.  Starts out very low.  Now it's picking up a little.  What is that crackling in his voice?  The band steps in and things heat up.  Great ending!

Randy - loved that he wants to be an individual.  Loved it!
Jennifer - you sing with pure feeling.  Had goosies!
Steven - choice of chords was stunning!

That's a wrap folks!  Which American Idol wannabe soared and which one flopped?

Vote below for the American Idol you think will be leaving tomorrow night!

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