Feb 2, 2012

MadonnaMadonna (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)Probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen on American Idol is a new Madonna video.  Why?  Seriously, why?

Granted, American Idol is big, but isn't Madonna bigger?  That's what she's always claimed, anyway.

I grew up watching Madonna, and thought she was good people.  But for probably the past 10 years, didn't even think about her.  Except for her not so nice outbursts about anyone and everyone.

So, why would Madonna of all people be on American Idol?  Well, everyone has their speculations, but I think it's because she's not the "queen of pop" anymore.  And she can't stand it.  We've got Lady Gaga and a few others that can claim that title.

Sorry Madge, or whatever you call yourself now, you turned into a b... fill in the blank.  She use to be humble.  She use to be "cool" but lately, she is a spoiled, has been.

We start with the old-school film of Carrie Underwood!!!  A typical farm girl that I thought was going to win when she first auditioned.  Am I physic?  Nope, she was the only one I guessed right.  LOL

St Louis auditions, here we come!!!

We pan to a taxi driver freaking out for the 1,000's of people that will be auditioning.  Ryan says well, think of the judges.  The judges?  Those judges aren't going to have to sit through thousands.  That's what the producers and others do.

Johnny Keyser is up first.  He's from Florida.  He sings 2 notes and the judges are liking him.  He missed about 4 notes so far.  But what do I know?  Obviously nothing.  Judges love him.  He's going to Hollywood.

Johnny's too smart for his britches.  He's not going to win.  Trust me.

Now we're seeing clips of auditions for the past 11 years.  Why?  Cause American Idol is stale and they're grasping.  I still love the show!  Just don't have BS fill in please.

Rochelle Lamb has a great voice.  She brought her little girl in and Steven said she had to tap dance, which she did.  What a little sweet heart.  The judges liked the pure tone and moxie of Rochelle so she's going to Hollywood!

Well, we see a few that can't sing, but trust me, the American Idol judges don't have to listen to all of them.

Reis Kloeckener got through.  Nothing special here.  Maybe they need "nothing special" to get to Hollywood week.  I don't think they should get the American Idol wannabe's hopes up.

Ethan Jones has a typical sad story.  Dad was in a band.  Drug abuse.  Ethan sounds like he's straining to sing, but the judges like him.  He's going to Hollywood!!!

Madonna's video.  There's no way she looks like that.  I'm glad American Idol didn't sensationalize her video.  Cause it wasn't worth it.

Mark Ingram actually works at the hotel where the American Idol auditions are being held.  Everyone told him to try out.  OMG..  No, no, no...  Off pitch, can't hit the high note...  Of course J'Lo wants to say yes.  Wow.  No, you're not going anywhere, Mark.

I thought the last audition was going to be a big "sob" story.  Eh, not.

Lauren Gray is the last one up.  Okay, first impression, she's screaming.  Off key.  And wondering why the judges are going gaga over her.  WTH?  I've heard better that were sent home.  Whatever, she's going to Hollywood.

Steven Tyler says "it was the sexiest thing" and apparently I don't know sexy.  J'Lo says she is one of the best voices she's heard.  Wow, J'Lo.  I can think of a few others.  Again, whatever.

Another and the last American Idol auditions are over.  Thank God!  They use to be interesting.

I find it funny.  Ryan says these are the most successful auditions they've ever had.  hahhahaha  Ok, Ryan.

American Idol Hollywood week starts now.  It'll be funny to watch how wrong the Idol judges were these past weeks.  LOL  See ya!

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