Feb 1, 2012

Steven Tyler (left) on American Idol with fell...Image via WikipediaThe American Idol wannabes gather in Portland, Oregon for tonight's auditions.

On a side note, I don't know what's going on over at the X Factor, but the axe is flying!  See which ones get the axe on my X Factor blog!

Back to American Idol.  I think this show needs some revamping as well.  The auditions use to be almost better than the show, but lately they've been boring!

Tripster the Hipster/Brittany Zika is up first, tripping up on the platform.  lol  She's got a good voice.  No Wow factor, but very good.  The judges love her tone and her voice.  She's got that golden ticket!!!

Ben Purdom has a cold, so this audition might flop.  Nope, doesn't matter if he has a cold or not, he can't sing at all.  The judges agree, no way!

Jermaine Jones is up next.  He breathes, eats, and sleeps music.  His entire family sings.  Mostly at church.  Wow!  He's 6' 8 1/2" tall!  Beautiful voice!!!  Deep voice, too!  The gentle giant is going to Hollywood!

Britnee Kellogg is a Britney Spears look-alike.  She's got 2 little boys.  She has beautiful icy blue eyes.  She has a great voice, yes!!!  She's going to Hollywood!!!

Sam Gershman is up now.  She tried to crack a joke.  hmmm...  lol  She's doing more screaming than singing, but we'll see.  Steven says, too Broadway.  3 noes.

David Weed is up.  A geeky looking lad.  Hmmm, he has a unique voice.  Except when he's trying to hit those high notes.  Nope, he's going home.

Ryan Seacrest is trying to hide behind a tree?  hahahhaha

Romeo Diahn is from Liberia.  Him and his family lived in a refuge camp before coming to America.  Please let him be good.  This is too sad of a story!  His voice isn't too bad, but he's talking it more than singing.  The judges were hesitant, but he's going to Hollywood.

Naomi Gillies flatters(?) Steven Tyler by singing one of his songs.  She has a weak voice.  Screaming more than singing, but it looks like the judges are going gaga over her.  Off to Hollywood.

We see a lot of noes and people flipping off cameras, punching cameras..  lol  Way to act mature.

Ben Harrison is awful funny, but can he sing?  Oh no, a Queen song.  No way is he going anywhere but home.  Very strange.

Jessica Phillips has a sad story, too.  Her boyfriend of 5 years had a massive stroke and when he woke up, he didn't know who she was.  She's now his caretaker.  She has a good voice, but again, no Wow factor.  Hopefully the judges give her a chance.  3 yeses!  Off to Hollywood!!!

Well, that was a very nice touchy, feely story.  I'm glad she's going, and her boyfriend is there to support her.

Well, 45 American Idol wannabes have made it to Hollywood.  Tomorrow night the auditions finish up in St. Louis!  See ya!

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