Jan 18, 2012

It's been awhile, but American Idol is back!  The 2 hour premiere starts tonight at 8 pm!  I'm watching our Governor talk right now, so hopefully he's not long winded!!!  I gotta have my Idol fix!

So what has happened since American Idol crowned Scotty McCreery last year?

Well, Steven Tyler got engaged.  Yeah, Steven!  Except his family's not real happy about that.  I so thought he would wait for me.  Oh well.

There's rumors running rampant that this is going to be Ryan Seacrest's last year as the American Idol host.

Awww, we get to see a bunch of cute kids that are now all grown up and ready to audition for American Idol!  Too bad not all of them will make it past the first audition.

Savannah, Georgia, here we come...

David Leathers is 17 and a ladies man.  He claims he was in a competition with Scotty McCreery and he won.  Sure, David.  Singing Remember The Rain...  he's good, but there's screaming involved.  Hmmm...  pitchy, but they'll love him.  He made it to Hollywood.  He won't last.

Gabby Carrubba is 16 and she's got a great voice.  Had to hug Nigel though.  Don't know what that was all about.  lol  She's going through.

*Yawn*  Sorry, love me some American Idol, but I wish they could change it up.  It's getting stale and predictable.

3 or 4 more make it through.  Must be they don't have a story.  lol

Jessica Whitely is up now, and man does she have a deep voice talking.  Oh, no, she's all over the place.  Very nasal and angry!  hahhaha  The Judges are a bit confused.  lol  Oh, dear, she said, see you in Texas.

Shaun Kraisman is up now and he is Ryan Seacrest's twin!!!  Sounds, looks, and acts just like him!  lol  He can't really sing though.

Hmmm, could this be Ryan's replacement if he doesn't sign on after his contract is up this year?

Shannon McGrane is up and her dad was in the World Series.  Ok, so what?  She's an ok singer, but nothing major.  Yup, she's going to Hollywood, but her daddy's name can only get her so far.

Amy Brumfield lives in a tent in the woods.  Hopefully she can sing!  Nothing "wowing" but at least she's on key.  She's out of the tent and off to Hollywood!

Joshua Chavis looks very angry in the pre-interviews.  I'm scared.  lol  He has this Eddy Munster hair going on, too, which is scary.  Nope, the American Idol Judges laid him flat out.  He's not happy.  Hissy fit time!!!

Stephanie Renae is sooo nervous.  She's 15 and loves Carrie Underwood.  lol  Singing a Carrie Underwood song.  Not bad, but she needs more time.  Or something.  J'Lo is the deciding factor, and she's going to Hollywood!

Skyler Dixon is auditioning again.  She auditioned with her brother last year.  She's on her own now.  The judges make her go get her brother, Colton.  So much for Skyler's limelight.

Well, the American Idol Judges wouldn't even give Skyler a critique.  They made her brother come up and audition when he wasn't even going to.  Wow.  Skyler must feel like shit right now.  I would.

The judges send them both through.  More excited for Colton.  So sorry the American Idol Judges were dicks.  Skyler, you'll probably never catch a break, hon.

Lauren Mink works with intellectual disabilities.  That's awesome.  She has a good voice.  Nothing spectacular.  She's going to Hollywood!

Mawuena auditions a Rascal Flatts song and no, he's not going anywhere but home.  Judges didn't buy it, either.

hahahhahha  They brought Mawuena back with the little kids that liked him.  LOL

Ashley Altise is one strange person.  Should be fun!!!  Lovin' her energy!!!  And she can sing!  Off to Hollywood she goes!!!

W.T. Thompson quit his job to audition for American Idol, which is a bit foolish knowing his wife is 6 months pregnant, but we'll see.  Randy has the final decision and he says yes.  Whew, he's going to Hollywood.

Erica Nowak is up now.  She's more interesting in Steven Tyler than auditioning.  Dang, phone call so I missed if she made it or not.  lol

Phillip Phillips is up now.  Hmmm, screaming a bit.  Once he picked up his guitar though, he was good!  The Judges are sending him through!

Well, I don't think we've seen the American Idol tonight, although there were a few good ones.

Tomorrow night is another 2 hour episode.  Maybe we'll see the next American Idol!!!



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