Jan 19, 2012

American Idol hits Pittsburgh for tonight's auditions.  So far they've been pretty boring, so I hope things get better.

American IdolImage via WikipediaSomeone just left a comment on my Who Could Ever Replace Ryan Seacrest post.  He mentioned that Sean Klitzner would be a perfect replacement.

I don't know too much about the guy, but he is nice to look at!  :)

Heejun Han is a strange one.  He told Ryan he had a small head.  lol  No confidence, but, man he can sing!!!  The judges told him he is good and he's freaking out.  lol  He's going to Hollywood!

Reed Grimm decided to sing the theme song of Family Matters?  lol  The judges loved him!  Off to Hollywood!

We zip through a few more that get that golden ticket.  Now we see a planker.  Ok...

Oh my.  Sister is planking while the other sister is singing.  This is strange.

Samantha has a good voice, but this is a very strange audition.  lol  The judges like her and she's going to Hollywood.  HA HA, they gave the planking sister a ticket, too!  lol

Creighton Fraker is a starving artist that couldn't decide what to sing so he wrote a song on the 9 hour bus ride.  The judges have him sing another song, and although he holds his face all squintchy, he's good.  Yup, he got that golden ticket!!!

Eben Franckewitz is 15, and man can he sing!!  Ain't No Sunshine!  He's going to Hollywood!!!!

Travis Delgado has a sad story.  Dropped out of school.  Mom left.  Dad's on dialysis and they're living in a shelter.  He's got a great voice.  The Judges are letting him go to Hollywood!

Erika Van Pelt is a DJ and a wedding singer.  Singing Will You Love Me Tomorrow.  She's ok.  Nothing exciting.  The American Idol Dawgs loved her though.  Off to Hollywood!

Shane Bruce is singing something from Shrek.  Sounds like he's a bit nasally.  Randy is making a face.  Not good.  Nope, they said to come back next year.

Hallie Day also has a sad story.  Dropped out of school at 15, joined a band, moved to New York, became an addict and tried to kill herself.  She sounds more like she's screaming, but the judges love her.  She's going to Hollywood!

Well, a lot of tears and cheers, but the Pittsburgh auditions have come to an end.

I never did hear American Idol Judge Steven Tyler have an eargasm.  Oh well.  lol  See you back here Sunday night! 

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