May 25, 2011

It's the American Idol Results Show people and I wish Lauren had a chance cause she was great last night. 

But I have a feeling Scotty will win because he has a huge fan base.  Which is cool.  I will be happy for either one of them, but I would like to be surprised.  LOL

The top 13 American Idol wannabes come out singing Born This Way and it's so awesome to see them all!

James Durbin and Judas Priest up now singing Living After Midnight and it's a perfect fit for James!!  Whooo Hooo, rock on James!!!!

Kurt Franklin and Jacob Lusk singing I smile.  Glad to see Jacob again!!!!  OMG, Gladys Knight!!!!!

Casey and Jack Black singing Take Me Home Tonight.  Kind of weird!  LOL

The American Idol ladies singing Single Ladies and and other melodies and they're doing great!!!

Beyonce!!!!  Whoop Whoop!!!!  Love her!

Haley and Tony Bennett singing Steppin' Out With My Baby!  Tony Bennett has still got it at 85 years old!!!

TLC and Lil John singing No Scrubs and other melodies!  Wow, bring me back!  LOL

Scotty and Tim McGraw singing Live Like You Were Dying!  Man, they're bringing out the hotties tonight!  LOL

Marc Anthony comes out singing Aguanile and out comes J'Lo.  hahhahha

The top 13 American Idol guys are singing She's A Lady among other things.  Go guys!!!  Waiting for Tom Jones to come out...  and there he is!!!!  Yes I'm old...  Love Tom Jones!!!!

Lady Gaga performs Edge Of Glory.  A little racy for American Idol but I'm glad!!  lol

Lauren and Carrie singing Before He Cheats!!!  Love this song!!!!!

Beyonce is now singing One Plus One and she is just awesome!   But I'm not liking this song.  :(

Bono and the edge are on now with Spiderman flying all over.  LOL  The set looks cool as they sing Rise Above 1!

Steven Tyler at the piano singing Dream On!!!  Holy crap the memories!

American Idol Results!!!  

Our next American Idol is...  Scotty McCreery!!!!!  Didn't doubt it for a second.  LOL
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