May 24, 2011


It's the American Idol Finale!!!!

We start the show showing past American Idol winners Carrie Underwood and David Cook when they were 10 years old.

Next was Scotty and Lauren when they were 10.  So cute!!!

Here we go, will it be a Scotty and Lauren finale or were the rumors true? Nope, it's still Lauren and Scotty!!!!  

Wow!  Lauren blew a vocal cord!!!

Round 1 - American Idol Contestants Choice!

Scotty is up first singing his favorite song, Gone!  He had everyone on their feet!!!  Great job, Scotty!

Lauren is singing Flat On The Floor!!  Go Lauren!!!!    Love this song!  She's got the audience moving, too!!!

Round 2 - American Idol Wannabe's Idol's Choices!

Scotty will sing Check Yes or No chosen by George Strait!  A little slower song, but he did awesome as expected!  lol

Lauren will sing Maybe It Was Memphis chosen by Carrie Underwood!  Love her voice, and her dress!!!  lol

Round 3 - American Idol First Single!

Scotty will perform and record I Love You This Big if he wins the American Idol crown.  His voice is perfect for this song!  His mommy is crying!!!

Lauren will perform and record Like My Mother Does if she wins the American Idol crown.

Wow!!!!  Lauren Alaina took round 3 hands down!!!!

David Cook performs Don't You (Forget About Me)!!!!  So love this song!!!

What do you think, guys?  Who is our American Idol????
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