Mar 1, 2011

American Idol Top 12 Guys Perform!Image by Getty Images via @daylife

American Idol showcases it's top 12 guys!  Although I like these guys, I really don't see our next American Idol here, do you?

Only 5 will make it through!

Clint Jun Gamboa performs Superstitious, a great Stevie Wonder song!  First time I'm not impressed with his singing.  He's all over the stage which is good.  Screamed most of it.  Steven , J'Lo, and Randy all liked it.  hmmmm...

Jovany Barreto sings I'll Be  and he's just hot, isn't he?  But can he sing?  Not bad!  Looks good and sings great, too!  Steven and J'Lo liked it.  Randy didn't.  Boo Randy Jackson!

Jordan Dorsey performs Usher's OMG and although I love Jordan, it seemed a bit weak.  High and low.  And the judges agree.  Not the best performance; not the right song choice.

Tim Halperin is singing Come On Over and he's pretty good.  I can see him making it through.  Nothing over the top, but good.  Steven Tyler wasn't impressed.  J'Lo wasn't impressed.  Randy Jackson agrees.

Brett Loewenstern performs Light My Fire and he is so fun to watch.  lol  I really want Brett to make it to the top 10.  He's doing great, too!  And the American Idol Judges loved it!  Whoo Hoo!

James Durbin sings You Got Another Thing Comin' and he's got the crowd going!  I'm lovin' it!  Ok, he will make the top 10.  Steven's lovin' it!  J'Lo loved it, too!  Randy agrees!!!!

Robbie Rosen tries his hand at Angel and does a great job, but I'm still reeling from James' performance and this is a slower ballad.  lol   Steven says it was beautiful.  J'Lo "felt" the song.  Randy didn't think it was a great performance; pitchy.

Scott McCreery singing Letters From Home and it doesn't matter if he wins American Idol, we'll hear him on the country stations.  I'm a Rock girl myself, but he's got a great country voice.  Judges loved it!!!

Stefano Langone - Just The Way You Are probably wasn't a great song choice.  He sounds weak.  He's pulling it off now.  Oops, hit a bad note there.  All the judges liked it!

Paul McDonald performs Maggie Mae a Rod Stewart favorite!  And I love it!  Sounds almost like Rod!  Whoo Hooo!!!  Judges loved him!

Jacob Lusk sings A House Is Not A Home with that awesome voice of his.  I love him.  lol  And the judges loved him, too!

Casey Abrams performs I Put A Spell On You and I don't like it.  Looks like the judges do.  He's doing a lot of growling. and yelling.  The Judges liked it.  hmmmm...

I will choose Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Scott McCreery, Casey, and Paul McDonald as the 5 American Idol wannabes that will make the top 10.  But I really want Brett, too.  :(

What are your predictions?  Don't forget, you can now vote online at American Idol!


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