Feb 23, 2011

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American Idol is a full 2 hours tonight.  Why?  Because it's Beatles night!  Whoo Hoo!

The American Idol wannabes have to learn one Beatle song in 24 hours.  This should be interesting.

Man, feel the stress!!!  Sing in front of huge producers, sing in front of the American Idol vocal coaches, and those kids are falling apart!  Well, the ones they want us to see.  lol

Las Vegas, Beatle Love, Cirque du Soleil on stage at The Mirage.  Here we go!

Stefano Langone and James Durbing sing Get Back and they're not too bad!  The American Idol judges were pleased.

Karen Rodriguez and Pia Tascono sing Can't Buy Me Love and the judges are dancing in their seats!

Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart, and Naima Adedapo sing Long Winding Road.  I'm not sure if I liked this one.  Jacob didn't seem to fit in with the girls.  Judges disagree with me because they loved it.

Rachel Zevita, Lauren Turner, Tim Halperin, Julie Zorrilla are a few clips we see singing.  Tim and Julie are singing Something and they sound fantastic!!!

Jerome Bell, Lakeisha Lewis and Tatynisa Wilson sing I Saw Her Standing There and the Idol judges are mixed.  Steven was the only one who really liked them.

Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle sing Blackbird and Paul has an awesome voice!  Yummy!  Great reviews from the judges!

Dave the camera guy is a witness to a wedding!!!!!!

Ashley Sullivan and her boyfriend David are getting married!!!  Whoo Hooooo!!!!!

Melinda Ademi and Thia Megia sing Here Comes The Sun and Steven Tyler is swaying in his seat!  Consensus of the Judges...  just ok.

Ashley, the newlywed lol and Sophia Shorai sing We Can Work It Out.  I'm not thinking the judges are going to like this.  Uh-oh.  Nope, not their best performance.

Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, and Denise Jackson sing Hello Goodbye and I really like them.  Yee Ha!  The American Idol Gods said the song didn't fit.  Wrong song choice!  Boooo

Caleb and Carson kind of blew it I guess.  There's a little clip of them.  Casey Abrams and Chris Medina used a bed as their prop.

Robbie Rosen, Aaron Sanders, and Jordan Dorsey sing Got To Get You In My Life and they're awesome!!!

Let the snipping begin! 

Molly Dewulf cut
Carson Higgins cut
Casey cut
Denise cut
Melinda cut
Ashley the newlywed cut, but she's happy!

The American Idol judges move to a hangar?  Well, this is different.  The contestants sang again and now the judges will tell them if they made the top 24.

Holly did not make the top 24
Lakeisha did not make the top 24
Alex Ryan also did not make it
Deandre Brackensick did not make it
Chris Medina did not make it and J'Lo lost it.  Meltdown!

American Idol (almost) Top 24!

Naima Adedapo
Clint Jun Gamboa
Haley Reinhart 
Paul McDonald
Ashthon Jones
We will finish the top 24 list tomorrow night.  J'Lo is still trying to get herself together, so we'll see if she can handle the stress like she wants her Idol wannabes to.

Ok, American Idol tomorrow night for the remaining top 24!  See ya!
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