Apr 7, 2010

American Idol results show is starting.  Will the whiner Siobhan or Teflon Tim be going home?

Let the entertainment begin!

Jason Derulo performs Whatcha Say but this is an American Idol wannabe contest, not a Michael Jackson look-a-like contest.  Gloves, moonwalk, toes, huh?

David Archuleta performs Imagine and he still has that breathing "thing" I don't like.  hahahha  But, he's grown up a bit.

Rhianna debuts Rockstar 101 and although I like her other songs, I'm not fond of this one.

American Idol's Shocking Results!

Lee DeWyze is safe.
Casey James is safe.
Crystal Bowersox is safe.
Andrew Garcias is in the bottom 3 but safe!
Katie Stevens is safe.
Tim Urban is safe.
Aaron Kelly is in the bottom 3 but safe!
Siobhan Magnus is safe. (booooo!!!)
Big Mike is in the bottom 3 and singing for his life!  (nooooooo!!!)

I certainly don't understand how Big Mike ended up in the bottom 3.  He's been consistently good, unlike Siobhan who really needs to go home!

Anyway, the American Idol Judges used the save for Big Mike!  Whoo Hoooo!!!!!!


  1. Your negative comments on Siobhan are
    tiresome. Get off it and start some real
    dialogue that's actually constructive criticism.
    Take your own advice. Stop whining.

  2. hahahha... ok Anonymous. Duly noted.




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