Apr 6, 2010

American Idol is getting a bit crazy.  Do you think the riff between Ryan and Simon is real?  Maybe Ryan is a bit put off that Simon isn't taking him with him to his new show?

Aaron Kelly is singing Long And Winding Road fantastic as usual, except he sounds nervous and unsure.

Randy -  great voice, but the song was too sleepy.
Ellen -  felt like a long and winding song.
Kara -  have to be great, but has not reached that level yet.
Simon -  it was old-fashioned and boring.  Doing the same thing every week.

Katie Stevens is singing Let It Be and doing an awesome job!

Randy -  best performance ever!  Hot vocals!
Ellen -  no way she'll be in the bottom 3.
Kara -  blossoming, and a great attitude; confident!
Simon -  tonight she got it right; Simon's taking credit.

Andrew Garcias is singing Can't Buy Me Love and he's good but not great.

Randy -  solid performance; little corny.
Ellen -  perfect song choice; loved it.
Kara -  want to love it but doesn't see anything new.
Simon -  band overpowered the whole arrangement.  Got it all wrong.

Big Mike is singing Eleanor Rigby and it is fabulous!!!

Randy -  the parts that worked, really worked!
Ellen -  incredible.
Kara -  fire; vocals were amazing.
Simon -  didn't love it.

Crystal Bowersox is singing Come Together and of course she can sing anything!

Randy - another solid performance.
Ellen - needs a new way to tell her how good she is.
Kara - favorite performance.
Simon - that's a song I could hear on the radio. 

Tim Urban is singing All My Loving same ole, same ole.  Can he go home now?

Randy - better performance than the past couple of weeks.
Ellen - perfect song choice; 2nd best performance.  What?
Kara - played guitar which is good.
Simon - thought he did really well.  What are these judges on???

Casey James is singing Jealous Guy and I loved him once, but he's just been a goof lately.

Randy - missed what he said.
Ellen - beautiful...  repetitive.
Kara - tasteful; showing depth.
Simon - the best performance of the night so far.

Siobhan Magnus is singing Across The Universe and she is done; she needs to go!  Whine Alert!

Randy - loves everything she does, but it was a little sleepy.
Ellen - she's special.  Yes she is...
Kara - hit the notes; showed control; but too restrained and polite.
Simon - came back much stronger this week.  Then fell apart Simon, were you not paying attention?

Lee DeWyze is singing Hey Jude and I love this kid!

Randy - loved the bagpipes! You got this!
Ellen - smiling and it was a great job.
Kara - few off moments, but still a fan.
Simon -  would not have done the bagpipes.  Turned up on the wrong show.  LOL

Another week, another whiner.  Who should go home?  S-Bon needs to go!  She is creeping me out and she's NO American Idol!!!


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