Mar 10, 2010

American Idol will have the top 8 American Idol performances from the guys tonight!  Let's see how they do!

Lee DeWyze sang Fireflies through his nose.  Like him, but he's very nasally.

Simon - nothing to rave about; no wow moment.
Kara- looked confident and it was a better arrangement.
Randy - couple of pitch problems, but he made it work.
Ellen - liked it.

Alex Lambert sang Trouble again through his nose, but he found his confidence!

Simon - concentrating on the performance too much; needs to relax imaging Randy in a bikini.
Kara - too stiff and he needs to let go and be himself.
Randy - good song choice, but he could have done a little more with it.
Ellen - he's becoming a mushy banana; consistently better every week.

Tim Urban sang Hallelujah and I thought it was very boring.

Simon - he feels responsible for him doing well tonight.  hahhaha
Kara - he's in the running to be the next American Idol.
Randy - loves the song and he did a pretty good job.
Ellen - liked it?  She gave him a hug.

Andrew Garcias sang Genie In A Bottle on a famous Karaoke stage!

Simon - a little bit desperate; not comfortable.
Kara - fighting with the rhythm of the guitar; not great.
Randy - likes his cardigan; good song, but too pitchy.
Ellen - great song choice; genie came out of the bottle too late.

Casey James sang You'll Think Of Me very, very well!

Simon - second best; better than last week.  Not memorable.
Kara - honest, singing from his heart, but no spark.
Randy - safe choice; nothing amazing.
Ellen - thought it was great.

Aaron Kelly sang I'm Already There  What's with all the country songs???

Simon - says Kara is all rubbish.  Right song and he performed it well.
Kara - gives it his all; but the song wasn't relevant.
Randy - really good, but needs work.
Ellen - tough song for him.

Todrick Hall sang Somebody To Love and he can really hit those high notes!

Simon - it was good in parts, not all the way through.  Good song choice.
Kara - that was really good singing.
Randy - Todrick is back!!!  Proved he could really sing.  Best vocals all night.
Ellen - brave, brave young man.  Did a good job.

Big Mike sang This Woman's Work for a big man, he can sure hit those high notes!!!

Simon - this was so needed tonight; 100% nailed this song!  THE best performance.
Kara - she's crying; he's amazing.
Randy - that was hot!!!
Ellen - beautiful performance.

Who was your favorite?  Did we see our American Idol tonight?  Remember to vote!


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