Mar 9, 2010

American Idol is on the fast track to finding their next American Idol.  Here we go with tonight's performances.

Katie Stevens sang Breakaway very flatly.  Doesn't she look like Tatiana?

Simon - 10 out of 10 for trying and listening to all the advice, but just didn't live up to the song.
Kara - doesn't know who she is.  Maybe she is Tatiana in disguise!
Randy - didn't work for him.  Karaoke style.
Ellen - didn't feel the words.

Siobhan Magnus sang House of the Rising Sun again knocking it out of the park!

Simon - not a fan; it was all a bit weird.  Didn't do anything different with the song.
Kara - unique and different and is doing great.
Randy - love what she does and takes every risks.  Hot!
Ellen - she is why she loves music; spectacular

Lacey Brown sang The Story and she just has no appeal.

Simon - didn't love the song, but she sang it really well.
Kara - this is why she's here; brilliant choice.
Randy - one of her best performances in a long time.
Ellen - best performance to-date.

Katelyn Epperly sang I Feel The Earth Move but didn't get any wow from the performance.

Simon - sounded like she was in a restaurant singing.
Kara - didn't feel like she was competing.
Randy - sang it okay, but it wasn't special.
- great voice, but not a great performance.

Didi Benam sang Rhiannon and again, it wasn't a wow performance.

Simon - head and shoulders above anything he heard tonight. Simon's sucking up!
Kara - one of her favorite moments of the year.  What???  Kara took Paula's place!
Randy - better than last week but nothing special.
- lovely performance, but liked it.

Paige Miles sang Smile and she's nervous.  Weak performance.

Simon - just a horrible choice of song. Arrangement was all wrong.
Kara - agrees.  It was all wrong.
Randy - song is way too big for her.  Completely flat.
- sad and heavy.  

Crystal Bowersox sang Give Me One Reason very, very well as usual!!!

Simon - one million, billion % in the top 12!
Kara - just knows what to do; great song choice.
Randy - loved, loved, loved it!!!
Ellen - best performance of the night!

Lilly Scott sang I Fall To Pieces ewwww, back growing up listening to this old crap.

Simon - very brave choosing that song, but didn't have the wow factor.
Kara - made Patsy Cline current.
Randy - in the zone; well done.
Ellen - love your voice and style.

Which one of these girls is our next American Idol?  Or will it be one of the boys tomorrow?
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