Mar 3, 2010

American Idol Crystal Bowersox 'American Idol' top 10 girls includes Crystal Bowersox!!!

  Crystal Bowersox sang Long As I Can See The Light and I love her voice! Simon - chose a great song and he completely underestimated her! Kara -completely recovered from last week. Randy -truth is reality; she is the truth. Not trying to be somebody else. Ellen - pure, raw, natural talent. Haeley Vaughn sang The Climb and it wasn't great, AND she needs a huge dose of confidence! Simon - was a completely, utter mess Kara - has the Adam Lambert factor? Needs a year to strengthen her instrument. Randy - didn't work for him because it was too pitchy and didn't connect with the song. Ellen - don't stop smiling; didn't feel she connected with the song. Lacey Brown sang Kiss Me and her voice is warbling? She's got to go. Simon - marginally better than last week, but very forgettable. Kara - brought out her special tone, but didn't push it enough. Randy - sounded karaoke; didn't bring anything to the song. Ellen - thought it was adorable? Come on Ellen, are you listening? Katie Stevens sang Put Your Records On and it was an okay performance; boring. Simon - not telling us what kind of artist she wants to be. Kara - agrees with Ellen. Frustrated with her. Randy - some bright moments, but pitchy in the beginning. Ellen - great voice, but want to hear a young, hip song. Didi Benam sang Lean On Me and I love her voice, but not this song. Simon - sounded like a cat screeching. Bad song choice. Kara - wasn't good. Felt like a karaoke bar. Randy - would not have chose that soul song for her. Ellen - loves her voice but not the greatest song choice. Michelle Delamor sang With Arms Wide Open and it was great! Simon - agrees with Kara. First half was stronger than the ending. Kara - favorite performance of hers, ever. Not technically perfect, but believable. Randy - couple pitch problems, but her outfit is dope! lol Ellen - looks fabulous, thought she did do a lot with the song. Lilly Scott sang A Change Is Gonna Come again, I love her voice not the song. Simon - wasn't crazy about it; over sang it half way through. Kara - riveted watching the performance. Randy - favorite performance so far; he loved it. Ellen - she's got "it" and she thought it was the best performance of the night. Katelyn Epperly sang Scientist and she also has a great voice, but boring song. Simon - thought it was a smart choice of song, but needs to work on her corniness. Kara - kinda loves her. Seriously good, but needs to figure out who she is. Randy - liked it; not over the top, but liked it. Ellen - liked her playing guitar? Ok, it was a piano. Too slow. Paige Miles sang Walk Away and she has a powerful voice. Simon - not choosing the right songs. Frustrating because she has a great voice. Kara - didn't connect with the song; liked it though. Randy - liked it, not in love with it. Ellen - disagrees with Randy; she loved it. Siobhan Magnus sang Think and she blew it away!!! Simon - strange person, but that's a good thing. Kara - can't get over that note. Randy - nailed it! Loved it! Ellen - loved it. Those were the performances of the 'American Idol' Top 10 Girls! Who's going home? I'm guessing Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown.
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