Mar 2, 2010

American Idol had to do a switcheroo. Crystal went to the hospital so we have the boys tonight.

So, Big Mike is singing and he is awesome!!!!

Simon – from a pussycat to a lion; perfect song choice Kara – went from being a singer to a great artist Randy – has fire in the eyes; gotta give it to you Ellen – has liked every song choice; way to start out the night

John Park is singing something very boring.

Simon – nothing to get excited about; no believability Kara – better than last week, but no connection Randy – didn’t bring anything new; nothing special Ellen – right song choice? Huh? Ellen needs to go!!!!

Casey James is hot! And he’s singing I Don't Want To Be fabulously!

Simon – with Kara.. he’s an idiot too! Kara – took 2 steps backwards, but she’s an idiot Randy – loves something or other; but correct something or other. lol Ellen – sounded great; loves everything, but too much stiffness? Ahhhh!

Alex Lambert is singing Everybody Knows

Simon – a million times better than last week; not taking part to win Kara – incredible, recordable voice Randy – loved his package! hahahahha Ellen – the banana crap again. Somebody vote her off!!!

Todrick Hall singing What's Love Got To Do With It?. Too slow, too boring

Simon – move but don’t sing, cause this isn’t working out Kara – like you, but lately it’s been all over the place Randy – didn’t love it; just sing it Ellen – sing and move cause you’re a dancer

Jermaine Sellers singing What’s Goin’ On and although I like it, it’s boring

Simon – frustrated and disappointed; watered down performance Kara – hitting crazy notes, but always doing too much Randy – so close, yet so far; not a great performance Ellen – loves his style but it didn’t work for her

Andrew Garcias singing something boring..

Simon – frustrating; haven't chosen the right song in two weeks Kara – likes him; has potential, but played it too safe Randy - pitchy all over the place; not a soul singer Ellen – of course Ellen doesn't agree cause she's a douche

Aaron Kelly sings My Girl and although his voice is shaky, he does a good job!

Simon – didn't like the song and went backwards. Too old fashioned. Kara – she liked it! Randy - 200% better than last week Ellen - song was forgettable? Ellen needs to go!!!

Tim Urban sings Come On Get Higher like a robot

Simon – disagrees with all 3; it was a remarkable improvement Kara – liked the song choice, but didn't make it his own Randy - didn't get it; wasn't it for him Ellen - should act for glee? No charisma; no stage performance

Lee DeWyze sang Lips Of An Angel

Simon – vocally, he is head and shoulders above everyone else; looks terrified Kara – look is commercial; likes him Randy - pitch problems, but loved it Ellen - thought it was great, but who listens anymore?

American Idol gone for another week, who was your favorite? I still love Casey!!!


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