Mar 30, 2010

American Idol selects Usher as this weeks mentor.  Some say Usher selected American Idol to resuscitate his career.

Siobhan Magnus is singing Through The Fire and I just don't like her voice.  Her biggest asset? is she can scream.

Randy - voice was all over the place; not best performance.
Ellen - didn't like the performance.
Kara - screaming parts worked, the rest didn't.
Simon - sounded like she was singing while running; not a good performance.

Casey James is singing Hold On I'm Coming good voice, but nothing exciting.

Randy - hot night for him; loved the song; great vocal range.
Ellen - consistent; always good.  Felt a little generic.
Kara - thinks he has more to offer.
Simon - strongest week he's had so far.

Big Mike is singing Ready For Love and he has such a nice voice.  I like Big Mike.

Randy - liked the guitar; he's in the zone; loving every performance.
Ellen - it was beautiful; she loved it.
Kara - did an incredible job with the song she's never heard.
Simon - he can take him seriously now; did a terrific job.

Didi Benam is singing What's Become Of A Broken Hearted and she should go home!  Boring performance.

Randy - loves the song, but the whole performance flat lined.
Ellen - way dramatic; not best performance.
Kara - it's over done; lost her way; doesn't know who she is anymore.
Simon - so over the top; so off melody; too old fashioned.

Tim Urban is singing Sweet Love and he's another with a week voice.

Randy - singing waiter performance; did sing in tune; no vibe; flat.
Ellen - poor song choice
Kara - took the soul out of the song.
Simon - wrong song; doesn't matter, he'll smile and people will vote for him.

Andrew Garcia is singing Forever and he has a unique voice I like, but he just can't loosen up.

Randy - liked everything about the performance.
Ellen - really amazing, strong performance.
Kara - one giant leap in the right direction.
Simon -miles better than the past few weeks.

Katie Stevens is singing Chain Of Fools fabulously!  Simon won't like it.  lol

Randy - best vocal performances of the night.
Ellen - vocals were great; wished for a more current song.
Kara - best vocal performances; needs to make it young.
Simon - pretty good; very robotic; somewhat cold.

Lee DeWyze is singing Treat Her Like A Lady and I love his voice.  I hope he stays around awhile.

Randy - best performance; that was the bomb.
Ellen - best so far.
Kara - it was amazing.
Simon - his life has changed forever.

Crystal Bowersox is singing Midnight Train To Georgia and she's got some pipes!

Randy - love everything; did that song proud.
Ellen - always great.
Kara - loves her.
Simon - sensational choice of song; incredible vocals.

Aaron Kelly is singing Ain't No Sunshine and it's very good!  Go Aaron!

Randy - started rough, but it was alright.
Ellen - good song choice.
Kara - liked it; not in love with it.
Simon - not as good as last week; it was an ok performance.

Another American Idol week of performances, both great and not so great.  So who's our next American Idol???


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