Feb 24, 2010

'American Idol' top 12 guys performances! Todrick Hall sang Since You Been Gone to his own arrangement and it was fabulous!!! Simon -came across as a dancer trying to sing; murdered the song Kara -agrees with Randy Randy -should have never taken a song and completely change it Ellen -great performer; liked everything except the chorus The Judges are on crack if they didn't think this was a great performance! Aaron Kelly sang Here Comes Goodbye and he has a great voice for only 16 years old! Simon -good singer, likable, but needs more self confidence Kara -has raw natural talent Randy -huge voice, needs to believe in himself Ellen -ditto; loves how humble he is Jermaine Sellers sang Get Here and although he has a good voice, I wasn't wowed Simon -tried to over sing it which sounded more like screaming Kara -felt a little old to her Randy - darn, the phone rang and I missed what he said Ellen -loves the way he looks but he was pushing too much Tim Urban sang Apologize and not very well; high notes are not his strong point Simon -not natural, song was weak, performance was weak Kara -music overpowered him; but he's likable Randy -wrong song for him; none of it worked Ellen -couldn't hit the high notes but he's adorable Joe Munoz sang You & I Both and Kara is nuts if she thinks he's the best so far! Simon -have to get out of the bubble; just an ok, safe, forgettable performance Kara -singing is the best so far Randy -not the perfect song choice, but has a great voice Ellen -very comfortable on stage; she liked it Tyler Grady sang American Woman which might have been good if I could see him; he needs a haircut! Simon -people will remember that performance but for the wrong reasons Kara -too predictable, not original, living in the 70's Randy -style over substance Ellen -lacks the charisma of the artists he's copying; be original Lee DeWyze sang Chasing Cars very stiff at first; good voice but not for this song Simon -thought it was the best performance; a naturally good singer Kara -wrong song choice Randy -didn't like the song choice; more pop than rock that he should be singing Ellen -good song choice except for the screaming John Park sang God Bless The Child and his voice is irritating! Can he say one more "ah"? Simon -needs an incredible voice for that song and he doesn't; flat Kara -agrees with Simon; there was no emotion; sleepy Randy -has a voice but not for this song Ellen -young girls won't vote for him? Ellen needs another hobby Michael Lynche "Big Mike" sang This Love and I really like him, but not with this song Simon -delivered so little with this performance; nothing unique Kara -lightened the mood; not outrageously great Randy -likes him Ellen -so much personality; great song choice and what does she know about pitch? Alex Lambert sang Wonderful World and I'm not liking it; sounds weak Simon -happy for it to end; most uncomfortable moment of the night Kara -sounds like James Morrison; tone is great; not together Randy -has got the voice but needs to pull it together Ellen -likes him, likes the mullet, has a great voice; compared him to a banana Casey James sang Heaven and he has an awesome voice! Simon -we both were cursed with good looks; chose the right song; sincere Kara -doesn't recognize him with his shirt on; can sing very well Randy -really likes him; great song choice Ellen -she could feel Kara undressing him with her eyes Andrew Garcia sang Sugar We're Goin' Down at least one note too high Simon -looking forward to hearing him but was disappointed; too serious Kara -strange rendition of the song Randy -arrangement of the song was strange, but he is a fan Ellen -she's also a fan of his Okay Idol lovers, who's your favorite? Was it one of the top 12 girls? Did we see our next 'American Idol' tonight?
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