Feb 23, 2010

Cute start to American Idol. Ellen claims Simon wants her and she had the tape of his roaming hands to prove it. Lol Paige Miles sang Alright Now. I believe she’ll make the top 12. Simon - wrong song choice, but he feels she is the best female singer Kara disagreed but she thought she could do more with the chorus Randy - wrong song, but great big voice Ellen – disagrees with all of them, but she thought she pulled it off. Ashley Rodriguez sang Happy very, very nervously. Simon – it was clumsy and didn’t like the arrangement Kara – Credit for taking on a big song, but there were bad moments Randy – Did a good job, but will be compared to Leona Lewis Ellen – Too predictable Janell Wheeler sang What About Love. Not bad, not great Simon – gave it 100% effort, but only delivered 65% Kara – likes her but the song was way too big for her Randy – not his favorite song choice Ellen – liked the song choice and sang it very well Lilly Scott sang Fixin’ a Hole and she sucked! Simon – the best we heard so far. Huh? Kara – says she’s believable? Randy – loved the honesty Ellen –thought it was excellent Katelyn Epperly sang Oh Darlin’ and she scrunches her face Simon – somewhat screamed the song, but he likes her Kara – knows her voice very well Randy – she pays attention to the tone; likes her whole vibe Ellen – interesting and attention grabbing; amazing voice Haeley Vaughn sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand very well! Simon - verging on terrible like a wind up doll that never stopped smiling Kara – technical issues with the song, but she’s fun Randy – loves her unpredictability but needs to work on her high notes Ellen – says she shines Lacey Brown sang Landslide horribly! Simon – quite depressing and indulgent Kara – wrong song and it felt forced Randy – amazing song but not the right one for her; terrible and pitchy Ellen – thinks she’s better than that Michelle Delamor sang Fallin' and I think she's great! Simon - did very well, but no "wow" Kara - very commercial looking; moments not great, not believable Randy -did a pretty good job for such a big song; take risks Ellen -it was fantastic, but she can do better Didi Benam sang With The Way I am and I love her voice! Simon - good singer but not standing out; dreary song and no spark Kara - good song, creative, but pitchy Randy -where's the star factor? Good voice, no star Ellen -first night song was a bad choice, but she sounds and looks great Siobhan Magnus sang Wicked Game. I can hear Simon: boring. She's good. Simon -funny little thing; very dark song Kara -wouldn't have picked the song, but she liked it Randy -great voice; reach for bigger things Ellen -loved it Crystal Bowersox sang Hand in My Pocket and I like it; hate the song though Simon -likes her but 1,000's are just like her outside subway stations Kara -she was good but can be great Randy -didn't like the song, but loved her Ellen -she would vote for her Katie Stevens sang Feelin' Good she has a great voice, but I hate that song Simon -agrees with Ellen; mom and dad must have chosen the song; annoying Kara -pitchy and that's not like her; she has ridiculous chops Randy -pushing so hard the notes were too sharp Ellen -too conservative; wants her to be 17 Who is going home? Who's your favorite(s)? Have we seen our next American Idol?
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