Jan 12, 2010

American Idol season 9 is in Boston. I’m curious how this will go without ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul. I like Ellen, but I have my doubts about her in this arena. Victoria Beckham? That would be Posh of the Spice Girls. So, Ellen is the new American Idol judge, but she’s not included in the premiere? Lame. American Idol wannabe Mere… Did she just say she was an old taco? Nope, anime something or other, but no golden ticket. Simon is getting very frustrated with Kara DioGuardi. Can’t say I blame him. Tear Jerker Alert! Katie Stevens, the American Idol hopeful who has the grandmother with Alzheimer’s, is going to Hollywood! That girl can sing! And of course she has a good story. Even Ryan Seacrest had tears! Oooo, Justin Williams, the cancer survivor, can not only sing, he’s a bit gorgeous, too! The premiere of American Idol season 9 is over. Could season 9 be the last good year for Idol? Simon Cowell announced his departure, and for me although I love Randy Jackson, he’s just not going to hold the show together for me. American Idol is different without Paula Abdul, but it’s not awful. American Idol without Simon Cowell however won’t be as exciting.
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