Feb 12, 2009

The American Idol judges are in the judge’s mansion waiting to haunt the Idol wannabes. One by one, 54 American Idol contestants made the long trip to hear their fate. Most received a quick yes or no, while a few had to “sing for their life.” Yes, American Idol is all about drama. The American Idol contestants who had to sing for their lives were: Cody against Alex; Alex wins. Kristen against Jenn; Kristen wins. Frankie against Jesse; Jesse wins. Nathanial against Jackie; Nathanial wins. Matt (the welder) against Michael (the oilrig guy); in a twist, they both win. And the remaining are Anoop, Von, Adam, Taylor, Jasmine, Arianna, Casey, Megan, Mishavanna, Stevie, JoAnna, Kendall, Alexis, Scott, Lil, Allison, Danny, Ricky, Matt, Ju’not, Jorge, Brent, Stephen, Norman/Nick, Jackie, Tatiana, Jeanine, Kai, Anne Marie, and Kris. Who will be in the American Idol top 12? I see Anoop and Adam for sure and I’m praying Tatiana isn’t.


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