Feb 4, 2009

American Idol Hollywood WeekImage via Wikipedia
American Idol and the Idol wannabes are in Hollywood for the infamous Hell week. Idolmaniacs anxiously await some sort of entertainment and didn’t get much. Ryan says American Idol has an added twist, the first ever Idol boot camp. Big whoop. We see a no talent Norman character put through while others who have an ounce of talent are sent home. Dennis Brigham didn’t take the boot very well. He returned to argue with the American Idol judges and left telling them they sucked. Katrina, the bikini girl made it through and it’s embarrassing to watch the boys try and flirt. She is gorgeous, but no American Idol. Lil Rounds and Frankie Jordon made it through which is great! I’m not sure how long Jackie Tohn will last. She sounds like Amanda Overmyer. American Idol returns tonight with group rounds. Hopefully we’ll be “wowed” or shocked or simply entertained.
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