Jun 10, 2008

Simon Cowell what was he thinking?
Simon Cowell is the very honest and sometimes harsh judge on American Idol. He has made a few cry with his biting remarks.

Simon is known for his clichés when critiquing American Idol auditions. He is rarely at a loss for words.

What Did Simon Cowell Think Of Fantasia Act?

Fantasia won the title of American Idol season 3 and was invited to perform on American Idol season 8 finale.

People have been talking about Fantasia’s performance ever since and for the most part it hasn’t been good.

Simon Cowell’s expression “said” what everyone was thinking. His expression as he revealed on the Jay Leno show was, “What the bloody hell was that?”

Watch Fantasia perform paying close attention to Simon Cowell’s expression around 2:57.


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