Jun 8, 2008

Lakisha Jones was lovable from the start; even Simon Cowell praised her after her audition. He called Lakisha a good old-fashioned belter and that was a huge compliment. Lakisha Jones, from my home state of Michigan, placed 4th in season 6 of American Idol, but most say she should have been in the top 2. Bon Jovi even said he isn’t a betting man, but her rendition of his song “Ain’t a Love Song” would keep her in Hollywood for another week. Lakisha Jones has kept very busy after American Idol. She will be performing at the 2008’s Governor’s Service Awards on Thursday, June 19th, at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. Lakisha debuted in 2007 on Broadway in Oprah Winfrey’s “The Color Purple” and she will also appear as a judge in MTV’s upcoming reality show “Legally Blonde.” Lakisha Jones is also putting the finishing touches on her first solo CD, all the while being a full-time mom to her 5 year old daughter Brionne. To get your complimentary tickets to see Lakisha Jones perform at the Governor’s Service Awards go to earthtimes.org. Watch Lakisha Jones belting out “Think” during her American Idol audition below.


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