Jun 18, 2008

Paula Abdul's Stalker, Paul Marturano American Idol fans have heard about Paula Abdul’s stalker, Paul Marturano, but Paul is more than “a stalker.”

Paul Marturano auditioned for American Idol with a song he wrote for Paula Abdul. The song was about him being a stalker and it was a little creepy.

The American Idol judges also thought it was creepy and had him escorted out of the room.

The Stalker Has Heart!

Paul Marturano is more than a creepy stalker as I once thought. Paul has a very big heart.

Paul Marturano is actually a comic/pianist and he auditioned for American Idol to not only score some publicity, but to give everyone a laugh.

Paul’s audio version of “Stalker” will be released to over 450 radio stations and part of the proceeds will go to Idol Gives Back.

Not only will “The Stalker” be donating to charity, he also uses his celebrity status for charity by adopting homeless animals out to loving families.

Paul Marturano also has an organization called Loli’s Place, Inc, an animal rescue center.

Paul may be remembered as “The Stalker” but he’s certainly a stalker with a huge heart.


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