May 20, 2008

I am an American Idol fan and although I’ve only been watching it a few short years, I have come to realize that winning American Idol is not everything. The premise behind American Idol is very good actually. Get a bunch of people to compete for the title of the American Idol and you have a great television show. Over the years however it became more of a popularity contest or who had the biggest sob story or the most drama in their life, not who was the best to win the American Idol title.

Winning American Idol Is Not Everything!

Look at Chris Daughtry from American Idol’s season 5. Daughtry did not win American Idol, yet he has been extremely successful, earning several awards. Taylor Hicks on the other hand who did win American Idol only sold approximately 700,000 copies of his debut album and was also dropped from his record label. So do we vote for the most talented contestant to be our next American Idol? Or do we vote for the opponent so our favorite isn’t stuck debuting some tacky song American Idol wants him to sing? I am still an American Idol fan, but the show really needs some revamping. It used to work very well but for now, winning American Idol is not everything!


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