May 28, 2008

Josiah Leming got his 15 plus minutes of fame when he auditioned for American Idol. Josiah received his golden ticket to Hollywood, but never even made it to the top 24. Josiah Leming, the Idol contestant who lived in his car, tickled Simon Cowell when he sang “To Run” which he wrote himself. Simon was amused because Josiah sang with a British accent, but talked without one.

Josiah Leming Slams American Idol!

After American Idol gave Josiah Leming his chance at stardom, he dropped the ball. Josiah just wasn’t good enough to make the top 24 and was sent home to his car. Josiah Leming managed to sign a record deal with Warner Bros. a month and a half ago or so, and just like other cocky former Idol contestants, had to slam American Idol. Josiah called American Idol “glorified karaoke.” He goes on to say that it lacks passion, emotion, and the things that set artists off from being good to being great. Say what you will about American Idol but it jump started his career and instead of being grateful, Josiah Leming slams American Idol.


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