May 31, 2008

Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster having a baby!
Former Idol Clay Aiken is joining fatherhood! Yes, Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy!

I don’t know what’s more shocking that Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy, or that the future mommy is his BFF Jaymes Foster.

Clay Aiken donated his sperm to his BFF Jaymes Foster to produce this bundle of joy.

Jaymes Foster is approximately 50 years old and she is a music producer and sister to record mogul David Foster.

Clay Aiken’s sexuality has been questioned time and time again, and this neither proves nor disproves anything as Jaymes Foster was artificially inseminated.

All you Claymates out there be looking for the Claynation to grow by one in August when Clay Aiken joins fatherhood!


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2008

    Dear Pam, Why in God's name is it so shocking that Clay Aiken would be a daddy??? He appears to be a wonderful, caring human being with a big heart. How selfless of him to help his good friend, who has not been able to conceive. Having 3daughters of your own,it may be hard for you to understand that for women who cannot conceive it can be heartbreaking. Until I or you are prepared to have our lives scutinized by the public I do not feel it is fair to pass judgement on others. None of us know the real story. How Blessed you have been to have three successful daughters. If this story is true how fortunate that child will be if that BEAUTIFUL VOICE of its daddy is passed on. Have a great week-end........Marisa

  2. Marisa, it is shocking that Clay is going to be a daddy because one, he isn't married (which doesn't mean anything) and two, he doesn't have a girlfriend (which also doesn't mean anything). But, my point is, it is shocking news.

    She is 50 years old which brings higher risks of starting a family. Hypertension, downsyndrome, and gestational diabetes to name a few.

    I hope she lives a long time because it wouldn't be fair for the child if she is not around to watch him or her graduate.




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