Apr 27, 2008

The results are in for American Idol and they’re not pretty! Actually, the results are in for the American Idol contestants Ford commercial, Tainted Love. If you listen to the kiddies in the American Idol forum, you would hear a totally different opinion, but since kiddies can’t vote, we can just ignore them.

American Idol Contestants Ford Commercial Results

The American Idol contestants Tainted Love commercial for Ford is so beyond believable, it’s funny. David Cook, Carly Smithson, and perhaps even Syesha could pull off the whole Goth look, but come on, Brooke White and Archie? Jason Castro is a totally different story as he is just too happy to pull off the whole Goth look, but then again, he is just too creepy so maybe he can pull it off. Read the forums where the kiddies are drooling all over that commercial. Brooke’s hair was awesome, but come on, Brooke White; gothic? Like I said, the American Idol results are in and it’s not pretty! See for yourself!


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