May 8, 2013

The American Idol contestants will sing 3 songs tonight.  Could this be a setup?  Jimmy chose Perfect for Kree.  I just can't see her doing that song.

Kree Harrison
Kree Harrison22 yrs old
From Nashville, TN
She calls her fans Kreepers.
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Kree is up first and Jimmy chose Perfect for her song.  She's pretty much just standing there singing.  Not putting much effort into the song.  She has a great voice, but no wow factor here.  Not surprising, she's a Country girl.

Keith -that song didn't fit because you are a Country girl.
Nicki - the quality of your voice is always filled with quality.  It felt short to me.
Randy - I didn't love that song for you.  You just settled in; there wasn't any pizzaz.
Mariah - interesting song choice.  You could have gone further with it.


Kree will perform Here Comes Goodbye which the American Idol judges chose.  She's more comfortable in her own genre.  A little pitchy, but a great performance.

Keith - It was the perfect song for you.  You felt it just right.  Keith's in tears.
Nicki - I am so super proud of you.  You are so young to not have either parent.
Randy - you just sang your heart out.
Mariah - I'm overwhelmed with emotion watching your hometown visit.


Kree will sing the Idol productions choice, Better Dig Two.  Again, great voice, but nothing amazing.  Well, other than her vocals.  Oops, she just mixed up the lyrics.  I don't think that was planned.

Keith - it didn't feel right for me.
Nicki - that's not your comfort zone.  I didn't like that song for you.
Randy - I did not like that song at all.  It was too ordinary.
Mariah - we just seen the wild side of Kree.

Candice Glover
Candice Glover 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC
She calls her fans Candi Canes.
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Candice will perform Jimmy's song choice, One.  I'm not familiar with the song, but she's pretty much rockin' it out.  She has great stage presence.  She doesn't stand there all stiff.  Beautiful voice.

Keith - it was a great song choice.  You have so much power.  Beautiful.
Nicki - great song choice.  You are on your way.  You did that justice.  The competition just started.
Randy - I think the 3rd time is the charm for you.  Great song.  Your emotion was so on point.
Mariah - I can't believe you did anything other than sing.  You bring so much to the table.

 Candice will perform Next to Me song choice courtesy of the American Idol judges.  I love her version of this song!!! 

Keith - Your opening lyrics were amazing!  You were so in the zone!  So good!
Nicki - You have come out swinging in this competition (in tears).  I am so proud of you.  Congratulations.
Randy - that was amazing vocally!!!  You can be on the charts today!!!
Mariah - yes, yes.  I feel like I went home with you.  A+ Amazing!!


Candice will sing Somewhere courtesy of the Idol production's song choice.  She's amazing.  So strong and powerful.  She really connects with her audience and the song, too.  Standing O!!!!

Keith - Oh, my goodness!!  How do you do that?  If you don't want to vote for Candice, call you doctor because you don't have a pulse.
Nicki - 4 words, see you next week!!
Randy - She's got another greatest vocals in Idol history!!
Mariah - congratulations.  I am so proud of you!

Angie Miller
Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA
She calls her fans Dreamers.
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Angie will sing Jimmy's song choice, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and she's not at the piano.  Surprising, as this is a perfect song for the piano.  Great voice, but it's annoying how she enunciates the words so much.  Sounds like she's straining again.

Keith - I would have been happy if you would have held back a little more.
Nicki - Stellar vocal, but it didn't hit me emotionally.
Randy - it's such a set up for a piano, I'm not sure why you didn't play at the piano.  I liked it.
Mariah - I thought you'd be behind the piano.  I thought this was one of the best performances from you.


Angie will sing the American Idol judges pick, Try.  She starts off great, and then she just starts screaming.    I don't get it.  She kind of looks like Mylie Cyrus.  Anyone else think that?  lol

Keith - I love that you didn't play the piano.  You looked very comfortable.
Nicki - you've never looked this comfortable doing an up tempo song.  Hahahahha, Nicki just told her she is Mylie's twin.  lol
Randy -  that song fit you like a glove.  You were so comfortable.
Mariah - you're festive.   You found your place at home on the stage.


Angie will sing Maybe chosen by the Idol production.  She's back at the piano.  I'm not familiar with this song.  She's missing some notes, but still an incredible voice.

Keith - sing us a song under the piano next week.
Nicki - you've come full circle.  Your growth has surpassed my expectations.
Randy - you sang your heart out. 
Mariah - that was a hard song to sing.  Amazing job.

Wow, wow, wow!  Candice closed the show with a bang!  Everyone was on their feet!  Randy said it's her 2nd greatest vocal in American Idol history!


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    It was a blatant setup. They ask why ratings are dropping? People aren't that stupid.

    1. I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by!




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