Apr 3, 2013

American Idol top 7 perform Classic Rock songs!

Orianthi is in the house and she is rocking that guitar!

orianthi performing with Michael Jackson

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American Idol contestant Burnell Taylor performs
Burnell Taylor –  19 years old
From New Orleans, LA
His favorite female artist is India Arie
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Online at americanidol.com

Burnell is singing You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi.  He starts off odd, not on the right key, but he quickly rectifies that.

He's styling in a studded black leather jacket.  He's sounding better this week and not too many hand gestures.  lol

Keith - I'm going to assume rock and roll is not your thing.  You looked uncomfortable.  I love your voice.  If you're not comfortable with a song, make it your own.
Nicki - you were still lovable, even though rock isn't your thing.  Keith is right.
Randy - agrees with both Keith and Nicki.  Everything was so behind the beat.
Mariah - I was proud of you because this is not your typical song.

Angie Miller & Lazaro ArbosCrazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen.  They both sound great, but Angie definitely has the stronger voice.

Well, the Idol judges are critiquing the duets again.  They liked Angie better in this performance.

American Idol contestant Kree Harrison performs

Kree Harrison – 22 years old
From Nashville, TN
Her favorite female artist is Patsy Cline
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Online at americanidol.com

Kree will perform Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin.  With her gravely voice, this should be good!  Excellent job!

She's look good with her black leather pants and knee-high black boots, too!

Keith -  it looks like you were struggling to move around, so asking if something's wrong.  She has a pinched nerve.  Your voice is so good, you can coast through.
Nicki - that was magnificent, lady!  Kree-dom, I would get on my Idol app and vote 50 times for you.
Randy -  I feel like the show finally started.  This girl can sing!  She's in it to win it!
Mariah - incredible.  You have an innate ability to choose your songs.

Burnell Taylor & Candice Glover – The Letter by The Box Tops.  The Idol judges loved this duet.

American Idol contestant Janelle Arthur
Janelle Arthur – 23 years old
From Oliver Springs, TN
Her favorite female artist is Eva Cassidy
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Online at americanidol.com

Janelle chose You May Be Right by Billy Joel.  Gosh I just love her voice!  She reminds me so much of Carrie Underwood.

She is decked out in a fringed vest and studded boots. 

Keith - I love those boots!  lol  I love how you work the stage, baby.  That wasn't the best song for you to do, but you came out barreling.
Nicki - I love Janelle's boots.  lol  The performance was exceptional.  You are every girl's best friend.
Randy - authenticity at it's best.  I like the vest with the fringe.  lol  I felt like I was at your concert.
Mariah - I really loved the key of this performance.

American Idol contestant Lazaro Arbos performs
Lazaro Arbos – 21 years old
From Naples, FL
His favorite female artist is Selena Quintanilla
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Online at americanidol.com

Lazaro went big taking on We Are The Champions by Queen.  He is doing a great job tonight!!  Very strong performance!

Keith - that was a really good song choice.
Nicki - I wanted to get up there and dance!  I was lovin' that!  You did that song justice.
Randy - dude, you did a good job.  I gotta give you props!
Mariah - you did a good job.  And it was a great song choice.

Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur, & Kree HarrisonIt's Still Rock and Roll to Me.  The judges are torn.  Some loved it, some not so much.

American Idol contestant Candice Glover performsCandice Glover – 23 years old
From St. Helena Island, SC
Her favorite female artist is Jazmine Sullivan
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Online at americanidol.com

Candice will perform  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.  She broke her toe!  Ouch!

She's getting into this song even with a broken toe!  Man she has a powerful voice.

Keith - your voice is so freaking good.  You've got so much power.
Nicki - your voice was amazing, but I fell asleep with that song.
Randy -  you've got an amazing voice and you brought that rock attitude tonight.
Mariah - it's mesmerizing to watch you.

American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb
Amber Holcomb – 18 years old
From Houston Texas
Her favorite female artist is Celine Dion.
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Online at americanidol.com

Amber is performing What About Loveicon.  She's also doing a great job tonight, but I don't think her shorts can get any tighter or shorter.  lol

Keith - great, great song choice.  The key change was killer.  Really great, baby.
Nicki - it was striking.  You look striking.  It completely melted me.  My favorite of the night.
Randy - you look and sound amazing.  Great song choice, and you didn't lose Amber in there.
Mariah - perfect song choice.  You did a great job.

American Idol contestant Angie Miller
Angie Miller  - 18 years old
From Beverly, MA
Her favorite female artist is Jessie J
at&t Text 5707
Online at americanidol.com

Angie chose Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.  Sitting at the piano; good move.  That didn't last, she got up from the piano.  The Idol judges won't like that.  Her voice is great, though. 

Keith - I love your voice.  Part of me wants to make sure when you pick these songs is that you feel yourself in the song.
Nicki - this was a perfect song choice for you.  Kudos!
Randy - you can be as dramatic or theatrical is you want.  The note at the end was stellar.  Great song choice.
Mariah - you can make any song "Angie", making it your own.

That's a wrap!  Which American Idol contestant was your favorite and who will go home tomorrow night?

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