Feb 7, 2013

We continue Hollywood Week on American Idol and tonight, it's solo day for the guys!

Paul Jolley is up first and he is so nervous.  I thought he was going to fall apart, but man was that a strong performance!

Nicki was turned off by his attitude when he first came out.

Lazaro Arbos up next, but we only hear a few seconds from him.

Curtis Finch is singing now, and he's also a strong contender.

Mariah said it was absolutely beautiful and she's a fan.

The Idol judges will only vote after every 8 solo acts sing.

Paul Jolley, Lazaro Arbos, and Curtis Finch are all through to the next round.

Deven Velez blew the judges out of the water!  Keith told him he was born to sing.

Gurpreet chose "Georgia on My Mind" and the judges were equally impressed with him.  He played a guitar and he really had a soulfulness to his voice!

Cortez Shaw did a fine job with "Sunny" as well.

Matheus, the guy that's very short, didn't fair well.  He was sent home.

Devin, Gurpreet, Cortez, Adam made it to the next round.

Nicholas Mathis drops to his knees during a Bruno Mars song.  Keith said he thought he was chasing the song, not his dreams.  Nick is backstage in tears.

Papa Peachez has a terrible attitude.  He called the other Idol contestants puppets.  His performance was lackluster to say the least.  Nicki told him his flame has now burned out.

Jimmy Smith comes out with a strong performance.  I really like his voice.  Mariah was wowed by his performance.  Awesome!

Nicholas and Papa Peachez are sent home.  Jimmy, Johnny and Vincent made it through to the next round.

Nick Boddington is taking a risk and playing the keys himself.  I think it's paying off.  He's got a solid game going on right now.

Keith tells him his range is beautiful.  A really good performance.

Charlie Askew is up now.  He's a squirrel-ly one.  LOL  He's telling a story about his girl he lost and that's why he chose this song.  Good choice, he's putting a lot of emotion in this song.

Nicki is obsessed with you!  Today you became an artist in my eyes she adds.

Nick, Josh "Jda", Mathenne, Charlie all made it through.

Burnell Taylor is up and I'm not sure about him.  Seems he's off-key or something.  We don't hear all of the song.  They cut to the next singer singing the same song.  LOL

Micah Johnson, who lost a nerve during tonsil surgery is up next.  Singing "I Told You So".  I really like him.  When he sings, you wouldn't know he had a speech impediment.

Mariah was hoping to hear a different take on the song, but she loves him.

OMG, they just sent Micah Johnson home!  WTH?

There's a little twist going on.  The Idol judges just called all the guys back to the stage.

Randy congratulates them.  Next Thursday, 8 more guys will have to leave.

Not sure what that's all about, but we'll see you next week when the girls come to the stressing American Idol Hollywood Week!


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