May 2, 2012

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The top 5 American Idol wannabes perform tonight.  British Pop, The 60's, and Duos and Trios!  Let's go!

Steven VanZandt "Little Steven" will be the Idols mentor tonight.  A singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, but you might know him from The Sopranos.

We start out with songs from the 60's!

Hollie Cavanaugh will sing River Deep - Mountain High and she can pull this off if she just let's go!  Steven told her to stop pleasing everybody and just do our thing.  Strong voice!  Performing and dancing.  Go Hollie!

Randy - I loved it, too!!! 
Jennifer - I could feel you attacking the song!
Steven - 1st time I really heard you step out and get bluesy!!

Phillip Phillips will perform The Letter. I love how Little Steve and Jimmy argue.  I don't like his arrangement on this.  He's just not that exciting to watch anymore.

Randy - you came out and made it your own.  Loved it.
Jennifer - I didn't know the song; you are so compelling to watch.
Steven - I missed the melody, but the good news is you get away with it.

Skylar Laine chose Fortunate Son and I love this song!!!  She's got some sass!  She's also dancing, performing, and running all around that stage!

Randy - you are born to be on a stage.  Another great performance.
Jennifer - amazing energy!  Just attacked that song.  So natural!
Steven -  love it when you boot scoot out there!  Love it!

DuetJoshua and Phillip singing You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' and they are hilarious!  Playing like they don't want to sing together.  Phillip was so off key when he started.  They really don't sound that good together.  hahahhaha

Jessica Sanchez chose Proud Mary and I hope she can do this.  This song is so over-done.  She slowed it down quite a bit, so we'll see.  Dang!  Then she speeds it up!  Whoo hoo!  Go Jessica!!  I got J'Lo's goosies!!!

Randy - performance was only barely ok.  But your voice pulled it out.
Jennifer - you were a little bit of Tina and a little of Beyonce!
Steven - you did it again.  That's the magic!

Joshua Ledet performs Ain't Too Proud To Beg. Love this song!!!  Joshua wasn't my favorite in the beginning, but he's growing on me.  He's doing a great job.  I don't see anything outstanding, but it's a good performance.

Randy - you can bring R & B back.  You got the power to do that!
Jennifer - you're like a throw back from another area.  It's just sick!
Steven - you gotta be one of the top 2 American Idols of all time.

2nd Song's British Pop:

Hollie Cavanaugh will sing Bleeding Love. This is another over-done song.  Sitting on the piano is a nice touch.  I really like this performance.  She's intimate and tender, yet powerful when she needs to.

Randy - you are 2 for 2 tonight.  That was unbelievable!
Jennifer - very beautiful, intimate quality.  Beautiful runs.
Steven - loved it, loved it, loved it.  You nailed it!

Phillip Phillips will perform Time of the Season by The Zombies.  Sitting on a stool playing guitar.  Nice.  He sure struggles with those high notes.  I'm cringing through this performance.  Something happened to his ear piece.  He pulled that out when he started.

Randy - relaxed Phillip Phillips for a change.  I loved you playing the guitar.
Jennifer - very mellow; good. 
Steven - sang it well.

TrioSkylar, Hollie, and Jessica perform Higher and Higher. I love this one, too! lol  They look like they're having fun!!!  They sounded awesome together!

Skylar Laine chose You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.  This is an older song.  Not sure if I like it.  I do like the arrangement though.  Very slow and tender.  A couple sitting on a park bench.  Nice.

Randy - you are peaking at the right time.  I believe you.  Love it!
Jennifer - you just might win with performances like that!
Steven - just more proof it works when you work it.  Congrats!

Jessica Sanchez chose You Are So Beautiful, a Joe Cocker song.  She's sitting on stage, surrounded by candles and smoke.  She slowed it down and she's delivering!  Man can she hit those high notes!!! 

Randy - you are in the top of the leader board.
Jennifer - you captivated the whole audience.
Steven - you once again showed America just how beautiful your voice is.

Joshua Ledet performs To Love Somebody. Love me some Bee Gees!!!  Man is he getting into this song.  Started out slow, but now he's practically flipping out!  lol  Standing O from the Judges!!!

Randy - Wow!  Shout out to the Gibbs.  That is what it's really ALL about!
Jennifer - so few people can bring so much passion with that good of a voice.
Steven - you are such a great artist.  You never heard this song and in 15 minutes you did this?  Wow!

That's it for our American Idol Top 5 performances!  Who will leave us tomorrow night?  Vote now!

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