Apr 4, 2012

American Idol Top 8
American Idol Top 8

It's 80's night on American Idol!  Love me some 80's music!  Ready?  Let's go!

I'm trying to figure out if I want the polls above on it's own page, or below the post.

Let's see if Ryan Seacrest addresses the porn mansion.  lol  Nope.

DeAndre Brackensick is singing I Like It and he's got that 80's voice!  Doin' a little dancing, too.  He's having fun!  Hit that high note, Deandre!!!

Randy - Used more of your natural voice, it was perfect!  Amazing!
Jennifer - I liked it a lot!  That was really great!
Steven - totally captivating.  Forgot where I was.  You owned it!

Elise Testone is up with I Want To Know What Love Is.  One of my favorites!!!!  I'm not feeling it.  Love her voice, but something isn't right.  The chorus is great, but she has backup singers.  Sounds pitchy and low in spots.

Randy - you never quite hit the pitch right.  Not greatest performance.
Jennifer - you look beautiful.  You have a powerhouse voice, but it wasn't right every single moment.
Steven - love your style, love your voice, but not the right song for you.

Duet:  Colton and Skylar perform Islands In The Stream another favorite!!!  These 2 actually sound great together!!!  Really love Skylar's voice!!!  The American Idol judges gives it 2 thumbs up!

Phillip Phillips performs That's All. Not sure. Might be too low or something.  He always seems like he's straining when he performs.  When he slows down, he's got a great voice!

Randy -  loved it; thought it was a great song choice.
Jennifer -  beginning you weren't in your comfort zone; end brought it home.
Steven -  you're just a wildflower.  Loved everything.

Duet:  Deandre and Hollie perform I'm So Excited. Can't wait for this!!  They're great together, too!!!  Deandre is really getting into it!!  LOL  I love Deandre tonight!  Another 2 thumbs up from the Idol judges!!!

Joshua Ledet is performing If You Don't Know Me By Now and this should be good!  He's doing great as long as he doesn't over sing it.  Perfect so far!  Hit that high note, Joshua!!  Standing O from the judges!!!

Randy - you were so in your zone.  You sang that song! 
Jennifer -  Lordy!  We got a powerhouse performance!!!
Steven - Over the top!  Outstanding!

Jessica Sanchez chose How Will I Know. Lets go!  Man she has a powerful voice!  She can pull this Whitney song off!!!  She's fun to watch, too!  Love it!

Randy -  did an amazing job. 
Jennifer - 2 powerhouse vocals in a row!  So amazing.
Steven -  fantastic voice!  Beautiful!

Duet:  Elise and Phillip are up singing Stop Draggin' My Heart Around and its ok. Phillip is straining again.  Not amazing, but ok.  Philip keeps playing with his coat.  Missing his guitar.  lol  Judges are gushing over them. 

Hollie Cavanaugh is singing What A Feeling and I love her voice, too!  Keyboard malfunction; Ryan is stalling.  Goosies!!!  She is all over the stage; having fun!!!

Randy - you have the talent.  Stop thinking and feel the song.
Jennifer -  didn't feel like the pop song that it is.
Steven - girl, your songs are always great at the end.  Your pitch was all over the place.

Duet:  Jessica and Joshua perform I Knew You Were Waiting For Me and I'm not familiar with the song, but they sound good together!  Great match ups with the duets!  Standing O from the judges!!!

Colton Dixon performs Time After Time.  I hope he isn't as boring as he has been.  He can sing, there's no doubt about that, but he comes out and does the same thing every time.  He kind of looks like Cyndi Lauper.  lol

Randy - you are so current.  You're ready to cut a record.
Jennifer - you were in sync with the band.
Steven - you got a good voice and can do a record right now.

Skylar Laine chose Wind Beneath My Wings. I love her voice.  I can't believe she was in the bottom 3 last week.  She sounds nervous though.  Halfway through she is sounding awesome!!!

Randy -  wow!  Best performance for you yet!
Jennifer -  loved it!  You can sing with the best of them!
Steven -  best song choice!!!  Beginning of a great career!

Well, which American Idol wanna be did you like best and which one is going home?  Vote below!!!

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