Mar 7, 2012

American Idol Top 13

Tonight, the American Idol Top 13 will be singing for their life!  That might be a bit dramatic, but they do need to entertain us.  Otherwise we won't vote.  lol

And I really hope the American Idol Judges give some honest critiques!!!  God I miss Simon!

Ryan states that this is American Idol's 400th episode.  He also says for the first time in American Idol history, it will be the guys against the girls.

Tomorrow, Ryan will reveal the bottom vote getters, but it will be up to the American Idol Judges to choose who stays.

Speaking of judges, what the heck is that pin Randy Jackson is wearing?  Talk on the Internet says it could be Groucho Marx, Cheech, Gallagher, and even Betty Boop!

The guys will be singing music from Stevie Wonder, while the girls pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston.

Joshua Ledet is up first performing  I Wish.  Seems like he's straining quite a bit.  The judges are nodding to the beat.

Randy - you just wore it out.  Loved it.
Jennifer - loved she felt the performance.  Had the church hand going.
Steven - brought it home.  Nailed it.

Elise Testone is up singing I'm Your Baby Tonight.  She's doing ok, seems a bit stiff though.  Jimmy made her change her song choice.

Randy - not greatest performance. 
Jennifer - trying to find the match between you and Whitney.  Not your best.
Steven - not the right song for her.  Thanks, Jimmy.

Jermaine Jones chose Knocks Me Off My Feet.  I like Jermaine; he's just a big ole teddy bear.  Holding his own here.  His voice is deep, but not annoying deep.

Randy - happy we brought you back.  Did not like the chorus; loved the versus.
Jennifer - you are a sweetheart.  Needs to connect with the song more.
Steven - that song fit you like an armani suit!

Erika Van Pelt is singing I Believe In You And Me.  The American Idol judges saved her last week.  She has a deep voice, too.  I love how the pink lights make her hair look pink.  Slow and boring song, but she's doing okay with it.

Randy - have an amazing voice & unbelievable tone.
Jennifer - got goosies before she even started singing.  lol
Steven - beautiful voice; fantastic voice.  Perfect.

Colton Dixon chose Lately and it sounds like he's trying too hard.  Now he's picking it up.  Awesome.

Randy -  technically for a second, it wasn't picture perfect.  Power point was spot on.  Well done!
Jennifer - just amazing; great.
Steven -  that was outstanding!

Shannon Magrane is singing I Have Nothing.  Love this song!!!  Hitting them high notes, too.  Oops, struggled a bit.  Maybe no one noticed.

Randy -  here because she can sing, but nerves got the best of her.
Jennifer - the thinking got the best of her.  Needs to relax. 
Steven - the nerves got the best of her. 

Deandre Brackensick will perform Master Blaster, one of his favorite songs.  Oh, yeah, I know this song!  Love it!  The American Idol judges saved him last week.  He is nailing this song!  Go, buddy!!

Randy -  came out tonight in perfect rhythm and performing!
Jennifer - have rhythm and soul.  Knows how to perform.
Steven - loved it!

Skylar Laine singing Where Do Broken Hearts Go?  I really like her unique voice.  It's a Country Whitney Houston! 

Randy -  country girl that can sing any song!  That was hot!
Jennifer - a bit nasally in the beginning, but kept it together.  Amazing!
Steven - thing of beauty.  Beautiful.

Heejun Han chose All In Love Is Fair.  He sounds a little weak.  Maybe nerves?  Not as strong as the previous singers.  Hmmm...

Randy -  wasn't perfect, but it was really good.
Jennifer - love you.  Still love you now.
Steven - fantastic; love your voice.

Hollie Cavanaugh performs All The Man That I Need. She has got one powerful voice!!!  Wow!!!

Randy - You nailed this huge Whitney song!
Jennifer - that's the Hollie I know!
Steven - you nailed it.  Really nice.

Jeremy Rosado up now singing Rhythm In The Sky.  The American Idol judges saved him last week.  Let's see.  Nice voice, but he is nervous.  Eyes were close for most of it.  hmmm...

Randy -  wasn't your best performance.  Needed more swag in it.
Jennifer - loves to hear his interpretations of songs.
Steven - velvety smooth voice.  Nice passion.

Jessica Sanchez is taking on one of Whitney's most iconic songs! I Will Always Love You. So far so good!  Singing with one spotlight on her while walking through smoke also adds to the affect.

You go, girl!!!  Damn, girl, giving me goosebumps now!  And I'm crying!  Standing O from everyone!!!!

Randy -  one of the hardest to sing.  Best singers of this whole competition!
Jennifer - just amazing.  Speechless.  Beautiful.
Steven - you may be the one.  You just made 40 million people cry.

Phillip Phillips - Bovada made him the odds-on favorite to win.  Why?  Because he has the most Twitter followers.  Well, if that's all it takes.  lol

He is performing Superstition.  He better make this worn out song special.  Playing guitar.  So far nothing special.  Boy, now he's really changing it up.  I don't even recognize the song.  lol

Randy -  we need you in this competition. 
Jennifer - took it and made it your own.  Killed it.
Steven - very interesting.

Wow, a lot of good talent here this year.  Who was your favorite?  Can you choose the American Idol winner yet?

Don't forget to vote and you can also cast your vote here on the American Idol Chit Chat blog!

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